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Another One “Bites” The Dust

By Kenan Habibovic

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Now that we got that out of the way… GLENN!!!!! NO!!!!! WHY!!!!! One of my personal favourite original cast member’s (aside from Daryl Dixon) had his guts ripped out on Sunday to cap what was an amazing weekend of watching AMC Fear Fest.

Let me set the scene for you, the day started with watching the “incredible” acting performance of Paris Hilton in House of Wax as I woke up eating a Nutella sandwich Sunday morning. Followed by the always funny, always entertaining Leprechaun 1 and 2. Took a break to do some homework and then I proceeded to watch the new episode of The Walking Dead which was so cleverly titled Thank You… Though I would’ve called it “Screw You Nicholas you coward I hope you burn in HELL” and that right there is the reason I’m not a producer on the show. 

When I started the episode I was very hopeful; I knew the group was in some serious trouble after the “Walker Pit” was unleashed on the town of Alexandria. However I had faith that they would preserver. NOPE! Well at least not for Glenn. Poor, poor innocent little amazing Glenn you sure will be missed my friend. 

It’s funny because right now in my life I’m invested in two television shows with the limited amount of time that I have being a student. On one side I have HBO’s Game of Thrones where I expect every episode a personal favourite character of mine to get eating by a dragon or stabbed in the back or even have his face crushed “RIP Prince Oberyn”.

And on the other side we have The Walking Dead a show that has done a pretty bang up job taking out “A” list characters, but the one’s “I” personally don’t care about. This was my first real case of dealing with a serious loss.

Now I know what you may be saying to yourself. Kenan, you loser get over yourself it’s just a show. Ahhhhh you may be right my friend, but isn’t that what good acting, good producing and good story telling does? It keeps you invested, it allows you to escape and be a part of a world you probably have no business being in or probably wouldn’t survive on that note.

The one thing I can say for certainty is that Glenn aka Steven Yeun if you really are dead, then you will be missed. If you’re not dead and that was Nicholas’ guts being ripped apart and not your real screams then to the creators of the show I say… YOU’RE SICK!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!!!

Next weeks episode is going to dive into the past of Morgan the stick wheeling, side character that appeared out of thin air in the tail end of season 5. We finally get to see all the things that happened to him after Rick gave him the walkie-talkie in episode 1 and the shell of a man that we saw around season 4.

If you feel adventurous enough, you can watch the episode down at the AB Amphitheatre at the Humber Lakeshore Campus, go down find yourself a new walking dead buddy and cry together the next time the show puts you through some agony.

To end I thought I’d leave us with a quote from the late Glenn “Good luck, dumb ass.”

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