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Unsigned 2018


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Vancouver’s Post-Punk Duo HERMETIC Take You On One Final Memorable Ride With Postscript


A good album should be like a road trip, taking you through all sorts of locales, peaks and valleys, and ending in a different place than where it began. 

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Walk to Fight Arthritis: A Call to Action For Young and Old Alike

What do you know about arthritis? Who does it affect? How can you help the cause?

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Welcome to the Thunder Dome, First Years!

Radio Humber's Radhika Lakhani breaks down the essentials to make the freshman campus transition a smooth one.

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What Can You Say in a Minute?

man with clock

That’s something you might not often think about but I’ll challenge you to think about it now. 

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What festival are you looking for?

festival 1

Summer’s coming! Music festivals are announcing their line-ups and it’s time to see what’s happening around Toronto.

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What To Do For Canada’s 150th Birthday

canada 150 bday

Canada is an amazing country and everyone who lives here is very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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30 days left

We’re almost there, Humber. Officially, there are less than 30 days left in the semester, and you can almost taste the freedom. 

At this moment, your mind might wander as you sit in lectures, complete final assignments, and prepare for exams.

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What would college be without Tim’s? Dreadful

tim hortons

While it is the support of our parents and loved ones, I think we all know what entity helps us through the stress of college semester or year.

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What’s Cooking?

whats cooking

When you listen to the song, you might think of empty streets and broken cities. The song is about a powerful leader, having crushed everything in his way, from mountains to nature itself, but seems to be stopped by a simple river.

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