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On The Radio

96.9 Radio Humber presents On The Radio, a new webisode featuring guest speakers from the industry featuring the Radio Broadcasting Faculty Sheila Walsh.

Episode 10

episode 10

Today, Sheila Walsh speaks with John Vercillo, Radio Humber Creative Production professor and Corus Entertainment producer (102.1 The Edge, Q107, AM 640, etc.)

Episode 9

episode 9

Today, Sheila speaks with Dave Farough if Corus Entertainment about the revolution currently happening in radio, and what station bosses are looking for in on air personalities.

Episode 8

episode 8

This week's episode is with Mocha Frap of KISS 92.5! He talks with host Sheila Walsh about his path into radio and how to keep relationships in check with crazy busy schedules.

Episode 7

episode 7

Today, host Sheila Walsh speaks with Robert Turner & Jessie Lorraine of Newstalk 1010 about the radio business.

Episode 6

episode 6

Host Sheila Walsh speaks with Tatiana King of G98 about using multiple talents in the radio business.

Episode 5

episode 5

Today, host Sheila Walsh speaks with Rudy Blair about news radio, and interviewing techniques Rudy has perfected in his years of broadcasting.

Episode 4

jon pole

Today, host Sheila Walsh speaks with Jon Pole about his company, MyFM Broadcasting Corporation, his hard work ethic and his deep roots in the radio industry.

Episode 3

alex seixiero

Today, guest host Siobhan Woodrow speaks with Alex Seixiero about his time at Humber and how to get your start in the radio business.

Episode 2

james duthie

Today, Sheila Walsh speaks with James Duthie about television, being a sports personality and the importance of writing in radio and television.

Episode 1

adam wylde

We had KISS 92.5 and Humber alum, Adam Wylde