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Radio Humber Class of 2017

Adam Benedik

Marketing, Music and Management

Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

I have always been interested in sales and originally was going to pick the announcing pathway. I really enjoy networking and socializing, building relationships with people. I’m hoping that the radio program can help me hone my skills.

Andrew Clarke

Marketing, Music and Management

Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Andrew Clarke is a Toronto native who has always been very interested in the Toronto music scene. He’s an avid reader who spends much of his spare time watching YouTube videos, anime and NBA basketball. His dream is to become a working author or actor one day. He’s released a couple short stories that have been loosely inspired by his own life growing up in the east end of Toronto. His favourite station (post FLOW 93.5) is 91.1 JAZZ FM in Toronto, but his favourite show is the Prime Time Sports on the FAN590. He believes that everyone is made to do something in life.

twitter @MmadmaxX_55

instagram @MmadmaxX55

Anthony Harris


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Anthony Harris is a second year radio broadcasting student at Humber College. He is from Mississauga and graduated from Port Credit Secondary School in 2014. He is an avid baseball and football fan and watches a lot of TV shows in his spare time. He is also a fan of rock, country and pop music.

twitter @anthshow

instagram @anroha

Anthony Macadaeg


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Anthony Macadaeg AKA Anton is loud and obnoxious in the best way possible. Currently a freelance MC, Anton is an aspiring announcing ready to entertain you. Outgoing, friendly and personable are a few of his best qualities.

twitter Omgitsanton

instagram Omgitsanton

Antonia Altomonte


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

I’m Antonia, a second year radio broadcasting student in the announcing pathway. I love music and entertainment with the hopes of working in music radio one day.

twitter NotoriousNia22

instagram NotoriousNia

Candice Ibbitson

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

I'm Candice. Growing up as a gymnast sparked my passion for performing and later announcing. I’m obsessed with old school hip-hop, comedy, my magic bullet blender, and travel. Making people smile and laugh is something I live for. In my spare time I'm making faces at myself in the mirror, dancing, and producing random videos and audio pieces. I currently report news, traffic, and weather on Radio Humber and look towards announcing and hosting my own radio or television show.

soundcloud Candice Ibbitson

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twitter @candiceibbitson

instagram @ceejayeye

Casey Davies


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

I come from a small town and consider myself a “country girl”. I love everything radio, but believe the best spot for me is behind the scenes. My dream job would be to end up in Nashville working on the Sirius XM station, The Highway.

soundcloud CaseyDavies

twitter @Caseydavies10

instagram Caseydavides16

Chelsie Popp


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Outgoing individual with a can’t-sit-still attitude and a drive to create, entertain and learn.

twitter @chellybeats

instagram @chellybeats

soundcloud chelsiepopp

Christopher Wheeler


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Endless nights of listening to talk radio, Chris fell in love with the power of broadcast. His newscasts are filled with passion and enthusiasm. His idols are Dan Lemon, Jim Rome and Charlamenge the God on Power 105. He strives for improvement with every news cast and is looking forward to the future in radio.

instagram Wheeler210

Ciboney Swan


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

My name is Ciboney Swan, I am a second year student in the radio program. I am very interested in doing voice over work and that is why I have chosen to production pathway.

Clare Bonnyman

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

My introduction to Radio Drama wasn’t perfect. Being lactose intolerant, my mother denied me hot chocolate. Nonetheless, we settled into the couch, I placed my head on her lap, and listened.

I’ve always been a storyteller. From a child who couldn’t stop talking, to a reporter hunting for the next big scoop, there’s always been something on the tip of my tongue.

Radio drama was my eye-opening experience into the world of creative audio, and inspired me to think outside of the box. I still do.

Deciding that I wasn’t interesting enough to tell my own story, I studied journalism at university. I dug deeper into audio and digital communications, partnering with local not-for-profits and student run organizations.

After graduation, I worked in digital journalism, telling a story online with social media and images. But try as I might I couldn’t replicate the feeling of closing my eyes, and seeing.

Going through my old writing, I realized I couldn’t escape my desire to tell stories; but more importantly, to tell them out loud.

Radio drama was my introduction to the power of audio storytelling, and the capability of radio.

I want to give that feeling to the next generation of listeners.

soundcloud namynnob

twitter @namynnob

instagram @namynnob

twitterClare Bonnyman

Courtney Eves

Marketing, Music and Management

Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

I’ve been interested in media since I was very young. Growing up, I watched shows like Much On Demand and always dreamed of being the next host. To pursue this dream, I started volunteering at a local Rogers TV station and hosted me own show! Doing this confirmed that this is what I want to be doing. When I came to Humber and found out about the other aspects and departments within this industry, I suddenly had an interest in sales. Now, I’m in the sales pathway and excited to see where I go!

twitter @courtneyevesss

instagram @courtneyeves

Danielle d’Entremont

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

Maritimer lost in Ontario.

I was raised at kitchen parties, listening to and telling stories into the wee hours of the morning. I have had 15 different postal codes. Called both Canadian coasts home. I had the pleasure of spending some time in

Kingston studying International Development and Environmental Sciences.

And through it all, my stories were my passport. From Halifax, to Vancouver, to Toronto, every city has a heartbeat and I love being at the pulse of the people, stories, and culture.

Also, any tips on how to navigate the TTC would be greatly appreciated.




Duncan Lotoski

Marketing, Music and Management

Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

I’m in my final year as a student at Humber College in the Radio Broadcasting program. Previous to Humber, I attended the University of Alberta and Grant Macewan University in Edmonton, Alberta. I was born in Kamloops, B.C and grew up in St. Albert, Alberta. Currently living in Toronto and hoping to continue my education and career after school, wherever it may take me.

Filip Zivkov


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

I’ve always wanted to be creative and entertain people but never knew how. Focusing on radio production allows me to bring life to whatever station I focus on. After school, I hope to move wherever my passion takes me as a producer and into the industry. I one day hope to become an imaging producer.

soundcloud filipzivkov

instagram filipzivkov

Jacob McCourt

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

When I was a kid, the audience of my imaginary game shows always contained Bob Barker, Dick Clark, Gene Rayburn and my parents. I’m enjoying life in the biggest city in Canada for the first time. I have always wanted to bring joy to people’s lives. I knew that joy was important when my friends and I launched an online variety show pre-YouTube when I was twelve. My twenty-seven years of small city living in Windsor and London taught me that good friends and a supportive family are the most valuable things that you possess. My five years in marketing taught me that you’re never too big for anyone or anything. I’m passionate about sports, video games, movies and music – you can hear my commentary for Humber Hawks sports, and hear me host on 96-9 Radio Humber. I believe that sweet potatoes are an essential part of anyone’s diet, and I won’t rest until I’m an overnight success. Nice to meet you.

soundcloud JacobMcCourt



facebookJacob McCourt

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Jesse Earle


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Born in Markham, Ontario and raised in Barrie, Jesse is an enthusiastic student with a passion for radio. He’s been entertaining and making people laugh since he was a kid.

twitter @JesseAJEarle

instagram @earlegray

John Caicedo


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

John Caicedo also known as Alejo Caicedo was born in Colombia and has a strong passion for music, travelling and radio broadcasting. John has over 12 years of experience in the Canadian entertainment industry as a disc jockey and MC. He has performed at the Pan American kick off Games and the Pan American Food Festival for three consecutive years. He also worked at online radio station as a DJ radio personality and is currently interning at CHHA 1610 Radio Voces Latinas.

soundcloud Alejo Caicedo

instagram djalejocaicedo

twitter @DjAlejoCaicedo

Jordan Freeman


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

If you talk to me, you’ll learn the two key things that you really should know about me – I’m super into horses and I’m super into rare and expensive cars. Photography is also a huge passion of mine and when I have a camera in my hands, well, let’s just say, I went to the Grand Canyon in 2014 for one day and night and took over 3000 pictures. My other real passion is travelling. I have been to England, Cuba, Arizona, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Montreal, Mont Tremblant, and so many other places. By the way, I also collect hockey cards and have over 1000, don’t ask me how much I’ve spent on them. I really enjoy coin collecting as well. I am crazy for sushi and it’s not uncommon to find me at an all you can eat sushi restaurant cowing down. So, what else do I love…oh yeah, a microphone and talking down it, through the medium of radio. If you see me, say hi.

twitter @JordanFreeman11

instagram @Rockstar795

Julia Mittica


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Julia was born in Brampton Ontario. She began playing guitar in 2004, committed 10 years to classical guitar lessons and has been composing her own music and lyrics since the age of 10 and still today. In high-school Julia was accepted into the instrumental arts program. She learned how to play the trumpet and continue her studies in guitar, piano and percussion. Julia entered the University of Guelph-Humber to study journalism and later specialized in photography, she then entered Humber College for Radio Broadcasting where she combined her love of music and being creative. Julia gained her internship at Q107 downtown Toronto; she worked social media for the Mo Show with John Scholes and Maureen Holloway. Julia gained paid work at Corus company, AM640 Talk Radio, in programming operations. Julia is a signed musician with 5Rivers Entertainment, a professional recording studio in Brampton. Julia is an extremely passionate person who hopes to take her love of music, radio and sound, work in a creative department of a radio station and eventually become a professional music producer, recording artists who deserve it for the rest of her life.

Youtube: Julia.FreeFlow

instagram julia_freeFlow

twitter @julia_freeflow

twitter Julia D Mittica

Kyle Quick


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

My name is Kyle Quick and 21-years-old from Leamington, Ontario. My hobbies include, playing hockey, golf and baseball. I also really enjoy music. My favourite bands would be Oasis, Bastille and the Beatles. I have loved radio ever since I was a kid. I started listening to Tim & Sid and thought it would be cool to do what they do. My goal after this program would be to produce a sports talk show on AM/FM radio or satellite radio. I am looking forward to getting into the media industry and seeing where it takes me.

twitter @kquick19

instagram @kylequick19

Lex Tan

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

At 3 years old, my parents let me use my first karaoke machine and mic. I was immediately hooked on performing. To this day, I love and crave being in front of a camera, a microphone, and an audience. I did have to overcome a lot to get to where I am today: Stuttering, shyness, and being bullied.

Over time, I have learned acting, music, and public speaking. I'm a theatre trained actor, and favourite roles I've played are Jesus in "Jesus Christ Superstar" and Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. I am pleased to share that I have added sports and video game commentary, and radio music hosting, and news performance to my arsenal.

I am even prouder to say that I have learned to control my stammering, can get past moments of shyness and am victorious over the bullying from others and from myself. I dream of one day being the lead play by play commentator for baseball, hockey, basketball, or professional wrestling. One day, The Rock will smell what I'm cookin'!

The character from Smallville with a similar name (and bald head) share the same sentiment in our endeavors: “I don’t want to do good things. I want to do great things.” And it all started with a karaoke machine and a mic.

soundcloud bjlextan

twitter @bjlextan

instagram @bjlextan

Manuela Astudillo


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Manuela began volunteering at CHLIA1610AM since the age of 13 and has since learned how to do graphic design, edit videos, event planning, stage managing and more. She currently owns a dance studio and writes spoken word.

twitter @talentos1610

instagram @manuelaastudillo

Mark Manoharan


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

After graduating high school, I took the grand tour of colleges trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Unable to find a true vocation, I joined the workforce and dabbled in a variety of industries. Eventually I grew restless working in an industry I had no real connection to. However, what always felt right to me was my connection with radio. Now the clear vocation I look forward to continuing perfecting my craft and making my contribution to the radio industry.

Michael Downey


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Michael Downey has a background in writing, music and visual theatre arts. Whether it’ going over his own creative ad copy with a fine tooth comb or proudly hammering out a news script for the top of the hour, Downey has always had a keen interest in writing and vocal performance. As a student of the radio broadcasting program, he’s eager to put what he’s learned to good work in the field of broadcast.

soundcloud Michael Downey

twitter @MichaelDowneyTO

Mirna Trogrlic

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

During late night drives home, in the backseat of my dad’s car, I used to doze off to the murmuring sounds of news talk radio. I would imagine what the hosts looked like and simple details like the tweed material that acted as soundproofing, lining the walls of the studio. My parents were new immigrants from Yugoslavia and radio was their sole means of keeping track of the war breaking out in their native country. Needless to say, radio meant a lot to my family and I. As I grew up politics and current affairs were always a part of dinner table conversations. These discussions left an impression on me and matching my insatiable curiosity, I found passion in reporting. I am excited to use my curiosity, discerning and principled nature to ensure that silenced voices get heard.

soundcloud @trogrlic01

twitter @mirnatrogrlic

Nathaniel Keefer


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Nathaniel Keefer is a professional dancer, teacher and an aspiring writer/producer in the radio program. He’s been writing short stories since he was eight and ever shorter stories since! He looks forward to contributing his unique style and long experience in the arts to the radio scene.

twitter @nathanielkeefer

Nicholas Faoro


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Nicholas Faoro was born in Toronto and is extremely passionate about all sports. He loves listening to music, creative writing and playing and watching sports. Currently in the production pathway and aspires to become a producer and writer.

twitter @santoasfaoro

soundcloud NickyNoise09

instagram nick_faoro

Nicole D’Angelo

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Nichole spent the last year falling in love with radio at one of the largest running radio stations in the world, Queen’s University’s CFRC 101.9fm. After achieving a Bachelor of Arts Honours in History at Queen’s, Nicole is excited to pursue a different path at Humber College. With a passion for creative production, public affairs and program direction, she wants to gain as many skills as possible with the Humber Radio Broadcasting Graduate Certificate.

soundcloud nicholeradio2

twitter @NicoleRadio

Parminder Singh

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

Parminder is originally from Punjab, india, he came to Canada in May 2016. He graduated from journalism and mass communication in India and has a keen interest in radio. As he wanted to try something different in radio, using production and creative writing pathway to showcase his creativity to listeners. His only concept is to live a happy life and having a positive attitude for all.

instagram @ipsjanjua

Pasquale Pettinicchio


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Pasquale Pettinichio grew up in Montreal and moved to Toronto to pursue a career in radio. Pasquale aspires to work in sports radio or talk radio. He currently works as the audio editor and social media coordinator for Mike on Much podcast.

twitter p_pettinicchio

Ramraajh Sharvendiran

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

The energy I feel when I’m live on the air is like nothing else. Being a storyteller, giving a voice to others and talking about what matters is what I love about this medium. I'm currently anchoring the News and contributing to 'At Humber' on 96.9 Radio Humber. I aim to be the go-to person for current affairs and entertainment on the radio.

twitter @ramraajh

soundcloud ramraajh

instagram @ramraajh

Rebecca Tandon


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Hey, I’m Rebecca. A lot of people call me Tandon (my last name) and I am a 19-year-old second year student in radio broadcasting. I enjoy it so much, I have always had a passion for music, concerts and talking. The face that I get the opportunity to make a career out of it, is what excites me about the future. I cannot wait to be a part of the 96.9 Radio Humber team!

twitter @Tandon_Rebecca

instagram @Tandon_Rebecca

Richard Jellison


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Richard moved here from New Jersey and the most important thing in the world to him is sound and a great necktie.

twitter @Jykcor

instagram @Jykcor

Robert Trevisan


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Robert Trevisan is a professional disc jockey. He spent ten years working in the campus/community radio sector at CKMS-FM in Waterloo. Robert currently does a music show on CIUT-FM in Toronto. He also produces a show called Ultra-Latino on CIUT-FM. Robert loves reading, word games and walking his hound dog, Wilma.

twitter @xrobtrevisanx, @slipmatfriends

instagram @djalbertobee

Robynn Beazley

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

“Once Robynn learned to talk, she never shut up again unless her nose was in a book, or she was writing in her notebook.”- Mother

“Robynn needs to stop talking and distracting the other students.”- Teachers, all grades.

“Robynn, I bought you that recorder so that you could record math equations and scientific formulas to help you study, not for you to record yourself talking about music and celebrities…”- Mother through my bedroom door in my early teens.

“Why can’t you still go into radio? Doing an undergrad in Sociology and Women Studies doesn’t stop that; in fact your experiences here can HELP you in other careers!”- Trent professor who asked us all a few years ago what our absolute dream jobs as kids were.

“Working with you is like having the radio on, what will RobynnFM be discussing today?” - Past Manager.

“My kid wouldn’t go anywhere else to get their Halloween costume, they wanted to see what you would be dressed up as today!”- Customer from my costume consultant days.

“Robynn is a great customer service rep, she gets people laughing and talking!.”- Coworker.

“Robynn, you should go into radio as a career!”- half the people I know.

And: here I am. My zany personality, creative mind and desire to connect with people and make them smile, has found its happy place... Radio.




linkedinRobynn Beazley

facebookCandice Ibbitson

Ryan Simpson


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

My name is Ryan Simpson and I’m a student in radio broadcasting. Originally from Ottawa and like to play, watch and listen to sports. My end goal is to host a sports radio show.

instagram ryandurant35

soundcloud Ryandurant35

Ryan Sincennes

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

I’m Ryan and I’m an aspiring radio producer. With a last name like Sincennes, it isn’t too often I hear it pronounced correctly. The correct pronunciation sounds like “cinq cents” in French so some people call me Ryan “5 Cent”. After completing a degree in Communications, I knew it was time to pursue my true passion - music. My life was forever changed at 10 years old, after my first concert experience…American Idol Live. Embarrassing, I know, but what I loved about the American Idol brand was the idea of finding new talent who will form the future of music. That is why I turned to radio, as it is very instrumental in exposing new music to a wide audience. In a perfect world, I would be producing content for an urban station like HOT 97 or Power 105.1. The Hip-Hop and R&B genre is my always my preference of music and I am enamored with the culture of New York City. That being said, I gravitate towards all types of music and would be thrilled to produce for a wide range of different radio formats. I love to create. I love to innovate. I love to be spontaneous. With my productions, expect the unexpected.

Stephen Artibello


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Call me Steve and basically I am a sports nut! I will watch or listen to almost any sport. I’m the guy who watches ping pong in the Olympics.

twitter @SteveArtibello

Stephanie Barlett

Marketing, Music and Management

Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Small town Newfoundland girl, hoping to make it big in the radio world.

twitter @StephyBartlett

instagram @StephyBartlett

Stephen Boyles

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

When I was 15-years-old, I stole my parents’ car with one goal in mind: get a fake ID from Toronto. The collision that followed didn’t teach me the finer points of automotive operation. Instead it taught me that I could talk. I learned that under an incredible amount of pressure, I was able to perform in a way that was compelling to even the greatest sceptic. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone as a tried and true method for learning about yourself, but I consider it a defining moment for when I realized my greatest personal asset. I can speak.

I’ve chosen the announcing pathway to better exploit that skill. It was a difficult decision, because my time at Humber has taught me more about radio than I ever expected to learn; and I’ve loved every bit of it. However, if I want the things I think I do out of this career I’m going to have to polish and develop my on-air persona, and announcing is what gives me an opportunity to do that.

soundcloud stephen-boyles90

Tesla Danyleyko


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Hey, I’m Tesla (20) and I’m in my second year of radio broadcasting and loving it! I moved from Edmonton, Alberta to attend Humber College because going to school in Toronto always been a dream of mine. I have a passion for music and I’m a huge concert enthusiast – Drake is of course my #1. If I’m not hanging out with my friends, creeping Kylie Jenner or doing homework, you can find me at the gym! I look forward to being your announcer on 96.9 Radio Humber this year!


Tevin Guthrie


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

A childhood spent listening to the radio shaped Tevin into the passionate, thoughtful announcer that he has become today. Upbeat and positive broadcasts, mixed with Tevin’s grasp on current events, create a welcome, interactive atmosphere every time he turns on the mic. From Toronto, he works as a waiter isn’t in the studio and considers himself the best Crazy-8 countdown player in the history of time. "Knows a little about everything and everything about nothing."

soundcloud tevingutherieradio

Theo Lordanou


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

I am a 19-year-old radio broadcasting student at Humber College. I was born and raised in Oshawa but now live in Etobicoke with hopes of making it in this business. My favourite Canadian radio station is the FAN590 but favourite show of all time was Opie and Anthony. I am currently an intern at the FAN590 where I cut various sports games and interview clips for the on air hosts. Comedy writing and production are my passions and is something I hope to get into when I graduate. I look forward to producing great content for Radio Humber!

twitter @theo_iordanou

instagram @theo.iordanou

Thomas Hyde


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Thomas was born and raised in Milton, Ontario. He’s currently in the production pathway and interning for a talk show called Video Game Sophistry at AM640. He hopes to one day work as an imaging producer.

soundcloud ThomasHyde2

instagram thomas.hyde

Travis Hyatt


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

I’m a musician, gamer, and observer or the oddly unique. I’m from Orangeville and aspiring to become a voiceover artist in the time I’m at Humber. I went into radio for announcing and was surprised to see so many sides of the industry.

soundcloud thyatt@radiohumber

Trestan Hardie


Broadcasting – Radio Diploma

Lover of fine music and life! Carpe diem! Hoping to make the best life that I can with radio.

twitter @Triggaworks

instagram @TrestanHardie

Ashleigh Darrach

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

I’m convinced that I was born in the wrong era. Now, I’m not saying that I’m a groupie, but I have seen Def Leppard six times, Motley Crue five and Guns N’ Roses three times… The list goes on. I guess you could call 80’s hair bands my guilty pleasure. Aside from that, I have a passion for all things music – especially rock, and can probably beat you on name that tune. I was unanimously voted best teammate from the Humber women’s volleyball team in my 2015-2016 season, I pride myself on working well with others, and investing in the common goal. I work hard, but I have a hell of a lot of fun while I’m at it. Some other notable quirks of mine include my love for mini-pigs, viewing bad taxidermy, throwing movie quotes (that usually go unnoticed) into daily conversation and my pink hair. If I had it my way, I’d be hosting a show on a rock station today.

Nathaniel Davidson

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

My very first record was Crisis What Crisis by Supertramp.  At 16, I was lucky enough to see the group live at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre and realized how Roger Hodgson had the ability to pull the sound right off the grooves.  It was an unforgettable feeling hearing my favourite tracks live. I was star struck by the rawness of the sound and it was as if I was experiencing their music for the first time.  Throughout my undergraduate degree, I hosted and produced my own radio show called “Scratching the Surface”, where I played my personal vinyl collection.  The records touched many genres including jazz, hip-hop, rock, and funk.

Expanding my knowledge through the discovery of new music is part of my everyday life.  I love being exposed to music I have never heard before, which is why you won’t have any trouble finding me in a record store searching for new sounds.  There is something about my old soul that still brings me to the 60s era of psychedelic rock and jazz.  Producing radio content is a great way for me to apply my passion for music though a creative medium.  As the official host of “Scratching the Surface” I am hoping to continue to grow that affair with old and new sounds through the world of radio.

Kohinoor Kalia

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

Hi, I am a teenager who was born 23 years ago. Ever since there have been only 2 things in my life, my pen and my notebook. I didn’t realize it for long, but I was a born copywriter. While making me, God wanted another Shakespeare, Hemingway or maybe Mark Twain but there was some technical fault and all of them got mixed up and boooooooom, here I am.

My journey started by writing punishment essay’s in kindergarten. Next step was scripting computer programs in high school. Then in college it got to a whole new level. Each word spoke for itself. Even commas, full stops and semicolons became crucial because apology letters to escape termination from college, needed to be on point.

Coming to Canada with bachelors in journalism and mass communication from India, I am totally ready to rock, and confident that my future is very bright. In fact it’s so bright that you need sunglasses to look into it. Also, “I love cricket”.



Nathan Gill

Broadcasting Radio Postgraduate

I love listening. It could have been working in record stores or growing up by the ocean but it's probably because I'm the youngest brother. Like many Prince Edward Islanders, I came up with the comforts of music and stories. Eventually, I tempted face as a song and dance man, myself. I've played electric guitar in empty dive bars from Saskatoon to Berlin. And I still love wrestling with new songs while drinking more tea than grandma. This past September, I left Charlottetown for Toronto in my old Impala stuffed with what belongings I hadn't sold. Here, I began a post-graduate program in Radio Broadcasting. Here, I will continue to tell stories. At Humber College, I have been writing, performing and producing original features, newscasts and interviews. I am learning how to be a better broadcaster every day and hope to continue learning from the best. I can’t wait for my future in radio.