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Your Helpful Humber Hack Guide

It’s that time of the year again when school has started back up and students are getting back into their regular routine. The idea of going back to school is never usually seen as fun and exciting and it can especially be stressful if you’re unfamiliar with the school you’re attending. If you’re a new student to Humber, or you just want to find out ways to make your Humber life easier, here’s a “Humber Hack Guide” to help you out.




If you didn’t already know, you can get insurance through Humber. Insurance may sound like a scary thing, but once you know how to file a claim, you’ll be set. You can access Humber’s insurance information online, which will make your life much easier. This page on Humberlife’s website will guide you step by step on how to set up your Insurance Plan. WeSpeakStudent is where you need to go to choose your plan, file your claim, and receive live support if needed. You need your student number so make sure you have it on hand.


Those who drive to school know that Humber’s main parking lot can get pretty packed. If you didn’t already know, Humber has a secondary parking lot across from Woodbine Mall on Queen’s Plate. To park at Queen’s Plate you need to have a parking permit but don’t worry; you won’t have to walk all the way to the school because Humber offers a shuttle bus service that goes from to and from Humber every 15 minutes. You can find the bus schedule here. As of the Fall 2015 Semester, the shuttle bus is only available to those who are parked at Queen’s Plate.




With evening classes ending at 9 p.m., some people may feel unsafe walking around and outside the campus at such late hours of the night. If you ever feel like your safety is a concern, there are emergency booths in the school’s parking lot that you have access to if you feel in danger. Another option, for those who don’t feel comfortable walking on-campus after hours, is to request to have security walk with you to your car, bus stop, etc. It’s important that all students feel safe at Humber so use these resources when needed.

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Tuition is a huge expense alone, and money can be an issue for students. Books are no exception when it comes to expenses. The majority of classes require textbooks and if you’re a full-time student, it can get pricey. Luckily, there are other options beside buying books brand new. Humber’s Bookstore often buys back textbooks that students no longer need and will sell them at reduced prices. Another option for saving money on books is to get in contact with someone who may have been in your program before you. They may be able to give you a huge bargain on books. One final option is to share a textbook with a classmate or friend in the same program with you. This may not be the most reasonable option but it can save you money.


If you’re in college, chances are you plan on starting a career. An amazing service available to you as a Humber student is Career Services. They host events, and offer online and in person sessions that can really help you in your career. From polishing up your resume, to performing mock interviews, Career Services at Humber will help prepare you for a successful career. This is such a great service that non-students pay good money for so why not put it to use? You’ll be glad you did.


College life can get hectic but no matter how hectic it may get, your health always needs to come first. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times but your health is key especially if you want to be a successful student. That’s why Humber offers so many services that can help student’s health whether it’s physical of mental.

Students have full access to the Fitness Gym for free and if you’re Alumni, you can get a great deal on a membership. All you have to do is sign up at the Athletics Desk and bring your student card along with you. Humber also offers Personal Training sessions if you’re willing to dish out a little extra money. If the gym isn’t your thing, Humber has Fitness Classes that are free of charge. The Fitness Classes are a great way to workout with others and stay motivated. Humber also has Intramurals and a gymnasium that’s available as well. To find out more information you can visit Humber Athletics online. 

Health doesn’t only mean physical health; it includes mental health too. College can be a huge stressor for a lot of people. Trying to balance a heavy workload can take a toll on your health. Humber offers free counselling for students who want someone to talk to. Getting counselling can help keep your mental health at check and also relieve life’s stressors. If you ever feel overwhelmed, try out Humber’s Health and Counselling Services.


The social life at Humber is a great way to step back from the books and enjoy the fun and events the school has to offer. Humber has LinX Lounge which is a great way to hangout with friends during down times. Every Thursday, LinX has an event. Humber students usually get a special discount on these events so make sure to look out for those.

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There are various groups and pages on Facebook related to Humber students. Some are dedicated to first-year students and they’re a great way to meet new people. One page that’s not related to is called Spotted at Humber, this is a page where students can come together and talk about whatever is going on at the school. It’s a pretty good page, so I suggest you follow it.

Every now and then HSF (Humber Student Federation) will host events or hand out free things like bottles, journals, etc. You should definitely take advantage of these opportunities because who doesn’t enjoy free things? You can find HSF’s website here to keep up to date with what’s going on around the college. 

Afternoons at Humber are entertaining as there’s usually an event going on in the lower cafeteria. Events link iPod battles, singing and dance competitions will keep you entertained and engaged in what’s going on at Humber. If you have a break between classes and have some extra time on your hang why not head down to the lower caf to check out what may be going on. If by chance there’s no afternoon event, you can always play some pool or video games in the school’s games rooms.

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College is a one-of-a-kind experience and it’s important to make the most out of it and enjoy it! If you found this list helpful or learned something new, let us know on our Twitter or Facebook pages! If you have any more questions regarding that are Humber related you could always go to the HSF Office located in the upper caf or visit the registrar’s office depending on what it is.  

-Asia Snowdon