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Your Guide to Panamania!

The Pan Am and Parapan Am Games are in full swing with loads of entertainment for spectators to experience in addition to the games themselves. There are over 130 musical artists to see including Rich Aucoin, Joel Plaskett, Serena Rider, The Once, and so many others. All of these musicians contribute to the atmosphere of celebration that comes with the Games, so grab some friends, get out there, and join the good times. The best part is, they're FREE! Yup, anyone can see these shows happening at Nathan Phillips Square and other venues around Toronto up until Saturday August 15thfor the closing ceremony. For a full list of performances visit the Pan Am website here

There's more than just music! Panamania has enough events to make your head spin with indecision. Whether you're interested in theatre, dance, comedy, fashion, the circus, or visual arts, there is truly something for everyone. You can see the full list and schedule or search for an event here but here are a few that might pique your interest. 

If you're a Jazz aficionado or interested in experiencing something new, check out the 27th Beaches International Jazz festival! You can sift through the schedule here

Smarter. Faster. Tougher. is an exhibition that will show you the history of sportswear and how it helps athletes perform at their peak. Learn all about the technology and sports science that goes into the athletic gear worn by the champs. 

Betroffenheit is a dance theatre show premiering July 23rd at St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts. If the idea of dance theatre seems boring to you, this production is anything but. Better described as “intense” it advertises shock and bewilderment following a disaster. To truly experience the meaning of Betroffenheit, grab your tickets and see the show! 

Whatever you choose to do, Panamania will surely deliver a great time in the city over the next few weeks. Celebrate the gathering of athletes from all over the Americas with the seemingly endless array of art in all its forms. There are so many things to see so go out and see them! Let the games begin! 

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Photo: Wendy D Photography