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You Can Now Charge Your Phone With Salt Water!

I think that many people in today’s generation can agree that a dead cell phone is one of the worst things ever. There’s nothing worse than being out in public and having your phone die on you. It’s sad to admit but whenever my phone dies in public, I have an internal panic attack. I always feel like I’m disconnected from the world. I can’t help but think about all the things I must be missing out on. I’ve thought about buying one of the battery phone cases but haven’t convinced myself enough to fork up over $100.00 for a phone case. But, a Swedish company recently came out with an environmentally friendly alternative to charging your phone.

MyFC is a company out of Sweden that makes it their mission to come up with solutions to charge your electronics in a greener way. “JAQ” is their most recent creation that is set to come out near the end of this year. Don’t be confused, this isn’t your typical portable phone charger. This is a portable charging pack that charges your phone with salt and water.

charging phone


You may be wondering how it’s possible to charge a phone off of salt and water. This is where the scientific part comes in. The salt and water mixture will release hydrogen which can be generated into electricity, therefore making it possible to charge your phone. This is a new technology that is undoubtedly better for the environment, but also stylish. From a variety of colours, JAQ will can have you charging your phone in style.

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The JAQ comes with three things; a rubber jacket, a charging packet, and a micro-USB cable to connect your phone. All you need to do is slip the charging pack into the jacket, connect the cable from to your phone, and your phone should charge. One thing that I didn’t know was that the charging packs are disposable. One charging pack is enough to charge your phone about one and a half times, which is decent considering that the packs are said to cost about two bucks. After the pack is done, you can recycle it and pop in a new one.

There are high hopes and serious anticipation for the release of this new gadget. Hopefully it will transform the electronic world and can encourage other companies to make more environmentally-friendly products.

Do you plan to purchase JAQ when it comes out? When do you think about the disposable packs? Tweet us your thoughts on Twitter! If you want to learn more about JAQ then check out myFC’s website.