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Walk to Fight Arthritis: A Call to Action For Young and Old Alike

By Dominik Dutrisac (@kinimodd93)

May 27th, 2016

What do you know about arthritis? Who does it affect? How can you help the cause?

The term “arthritis” originates from the words “arthro” (or joint), and “itis” (or inflammation). According to Marie John, the Coordinator of Community and Volunteer Engagement for The Arthritis Society, the condition can affect all ranges of people, from babies to young adults to the elderly. That means that regardless of one’s age, physical condition or ethnic background, arthritis is can be experienced by anyone.

Resulting in the burden of debilitating pain and disability, that those living with the disorder have an uphill battle to face every day. The primary symptoms of arthritis come in the form of chronic joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. This caused significant disability and a very poor quality of life.

(Photo courtesy of The Arthritis Society)

So what can you do to assist? On Sunday, June 5th, 2016 you can help support millions of Canadians afflicted with arthritis. It’s simple: just volunteer. The Arthritis Society is looking for people like you to help with the event. According to John, there are a lot of students that get involved with the event. “We definitely have students from various high schools, colleges and universities assisting us with The Walk To Fight Arthritis. We also have students that volunteer as a group or students that volunteer individually. It’s a fun event and we have individuals that return as volunteers year after year.”

Registration for the event is easy, and there are a lot of roles to fill. Volunteer benefits include giving back to the community and impacting those living with arthritis, building connections and being part of a community, meeting a diverse range of people and committing to a lifestyle of healthy aging (no matter how young you may be).

John says that the Toronto walk will be held at Woodbine Park this year. “(Woodbine) is a beautiful park with great scenery and has been a great location. The Walk To Fight Arthritis was held at Woodbine Park for the first time in 2015 and the participants loved the location.” So, where can you get started? Right here. Simply click “Volunteer” to begin the registration process. Join the movement!