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Transforming the TTC

The TTC has gone through some major changes over the past couple of months. From the fare hike to being able to connect to Wi-Fi at subway stations, many Torontonians (including myself) have been left with some mixed feelings.

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In its most recent change, the TTC has brought its services into the world of Smartphones. The new TTCconnect App now allows riders to buy Day Passes and/or Group Passes all off of their iOS or Android device. This has been one of numerous attempts by the TTC to try and modernize public transportation for Torontonians. Just like many other companies, and schools, the TTC has gone paperless which not only modernizes its services to customers, it also helps the environment. There has also been talk about phasing out tickets and tokens through introducing Presto cards by 2017.


 For the riders who aren’t very tech savvy, the TTC has done the courtesy of uploading a short demo video. And if you don’t have your Smartphone on hand you can buy the passes online and they’ll show up on your phone.

This seems like a great new idea that can improve trips for those who use the TTC. Riders won’t have to worry about losing passes or forgetting them at home. Though the app does seem promising, I do have a couple of concerns about the system. Considering that it’s depending on technology, it’s inevitable that things can go wrong. Phones can die, and there is potential for glitches within the app itself. Another thing that I can’t help but question is why Weekly or Monthly Passes aren’t available on the app. Hopefully it’s something that can be included in the future. It would definitely make a lot of TTC commuters’ lives easier.


Overall, this looks like a positive change for the TTC. Along with being able to access Wi-Fi at numerous Subway Stations, the new TTCconnect App will hopefully be another way to give riders a more enjoyable commute.  

What are your thoughts about this new App? Have you already purchased it and used the service? Let us know your thoughts on our Twitter page!

-Asia S.