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Track Review: “Valley Boy” By Wolf Parade

valley boy

A seven year silence has been broken.

Montreal’s very own Wolf Parade is back with the lead single off their upcoming full-length record “Cry Cry Cry,” which is out on October 6th via Sub Pop Records.

Valley Boy is a great way to kick things back off since “Expo 86” came out around this time in 2010.

Within seconds it becomes clear that it’s a more accessible and clear track than much of Wolf Parade’s previous work. However, this is not a dig at any new artistic direction, it is merely a note on how clear the production is along with the cleaner and less shaky vocal delivery. 

Lyrically, the music remains sharp and pertinent. Wolf Parade seem to tackle the weight that may fall upon an artist that gains fame too quickly and eventually falls into obscurity.

There is a small array of feelings instrumentally as well. Going from an anthemic singalong chorus into an ever-so darker and more serious bridge in terms of tone and feel.

It keeps the track interesting in the midst of very memorable and repetitive lines. 

This is an all around smart and positive preview of what is to come, though it makes it hard to predict a general sonic direction the album will head in as a whole. 

Maybe that mystery will be worth the wait. 

If you want to check out the music video for Valley Boy, check it out here: