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Top 10 Canadian Instagrams to Follow

Instagram has become one of the largest social media outlets over the pest few years. It’s not only a way for photographers to show their work, but it’s also a way for everyone to capture and share snapshots of their lives. 

Because Instagram has become so well known, many people have rose to “Instagram fame.” These are the people who have thousands of followers, post almost daily and have a known presence on this social media giant. Here’s a Top 10 List of Canadians who are doing Instagram right.

1. @roamingfocus

This Instagram account takes its followers through a tour of Toronto. The man behind the lens is photographer Mike Palmer. Through his variety of postings, he really does capture the beauty of the city. 

2. @cocorocha

Continuing with the theme of Toronto, supermodel Coco Rocha’s Instagram account will take you on a journey. She shows what life is like as a supermodel, mother, and businesswoman. 

3. @ori.ginals 

If you are interested in fashion and street style then @ori.ginals is the account you need to be following. This Toronto based account shows the spirit of urban life in Toronto in the most breathtaking way. 

4. @inayali

Ali a.k..a @inayali on Instagram, knows how to do Instagram right. Currently living in Montreal, his page captures a variety of things turning them into works of art. From food to architecture to city life, there’s a photo that’s bound to catch anyone’s attention. 

5. @andrewknapp 

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend and from the looks of Andrew Knapp’s Instagram, his dog Momo definitely is. The majority of his posts feature his gorgeous dog, which is bound to make any dog lover’s heart melt. Travelling across the country with his best pal, Andrew Knapp takes his followers along for the ride. 

6. @sliceofpai

Joann Pai gives her followers a tour of the world in the most beautiful way. While living in both Paris and Vancouver, Joann finds time to show off the beauty of her travels. Who says you have to leave your house to see the world? 

7. @mallardcottagechef 

Todd Perrin is the chef behind the meals at Mallard Cottage, a stunning getaway on the East Coast of Newfoundland. His Instagram shows his followers what goes on behind the doors of his kitchen. From meal preparations to new menu items, it’s obvious this guy has a passion for what he does.

8. @trescarnales

Tacos are hands-down one of the best foods in the world and this Taquería from Downtown Edmonton clearly knows Mexican food. Not only is this restaurant capturing the essence of Mexican food, it’s also giving it a new modern twist. After looking at their page, I would have never thought that there could be so many varieties of tacos. Try taking a quick peek at this account without having your mouth water. 

9. @randomactsofpastel

This has to be the cutest Instagram account I’ve ever laid my eyes on. If pastel is your thing, you need to be following @randomactsofpastel. Photographer Alyssa Garrison does the perfect job of giving her page a sweet pastel theme. Using soft, mellow colours in all of her photos, this account can make any girly-girl gush. 

10. @cococakeland 

Finishing off on a sweet note, Lyndsay Sung is a baker, blogger, and mom from Vancouver who enjoys sharing her sweet treats with her Instagram following. If you love to bake, or just have a sweet tooth you can’t go wrong if you follow @cococakeland. Lyndsay not only knows how to combine eggs and sugar, she also knows how to combine baking and art. 

That’s it for my Top 10 Canadian Instagrams! I hope that at least a couple accounts peaked your interest. If you follow any of the accounts mentioned let us know on our Twitter page! More lists are bound to come so make sure you’re following Radio Humber on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!

-Asia Snowdon