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The Treble’s album Modernaires is a story of transformation

By: Kaley James

"We weren't sure what kind of band we were. We didn't know who we wanted to be. But, three years later, we are ready to show you who we've become, and we're proud of it. Really proud." says Winnipeg pop/rock band The Treble about their debut album The Modernaires.


Wherever You Go,” the first single released off the album, has a foot-tapping hook that is perfect for any driving playlist. The rest of the album follows suit by delivering strong melodies that are idyllic for their fresh persona. Their sound is similar to bands like the Arkells, Hey Rosetta!, or Hollerado. All sticking to an engaging sound with anthemic harmonies that you can’t help but enjoy.

The sound of “Wherever You Go” is proof of the quality of production, and rightly so, as it was produced by Rob Wells who has worked with artists like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Working with Wells was a back and forth between their rock roots and Wells’ pop influence and the artists have said it was an riveting journey. Wells has brought many of the songs to life in a way they couldn’t have imagined.

trebles 2

Their EP Northern Lights, released in 2013, shows just how much they have come full circle to reveal their transformative sound. Their previous indie/rock sound was geared toward a live ‘eye-catching’ performance, instead of the quality of the song. “Modernaires is more of the songs that we would’ve written if we were left to our own devices for a really long time, whereas with Northern Lights, we put it together while we were on the go,” said vocalist Mark Brusegard in an interview with Jason Schneider of FYI Music News.

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Brusegard recommends a couple songs from the album, “Kings and Queens” and “Reckless and Wild,” which he says sum up their sound and tell the story of who they are. The album was released February 10th and is available via Cadence Music and on iTunes.