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The Top 10 Most Memorable VMA Moments

Being one of the hottest award shows of the year, the MTV Video Music Awards will be airing August 30th. Nominations have been released and the show is already making news. With some of the biggest stars in attendance, the show looks promising.



Year after year, the VMA’s have had some outrageous moments that are hard to forget. It seems that at the VMA’s, anything goes. That’s probably what makes it such an entertaining awards show. To give you some of nostalgia, here’s a list of the Top 10 Most Memorable VMA moments. 

Madonna – Like a Virgin

Believe it or not, the VMA’s debut was 31 years ago in 1984. Since then, the show has been one of the most talked about each and every year. This wouldn’t be a true VMA list if it didn’t feature the very first iconic performance in the show’s history.

Madonna’s performance of her hit “Like a Virgin” gave her career quite the boost. The extravagant set had the singer decked out in pearls along with an ivory wedding dress while she sang on top of a 17-foot wedding cake. There were some malfunctions that caused Madonna to lose her stiletto, but even with that obstacle she managed to make VMA history.

Beyoncé’s Baby Bump 

Beyoncé is without a doubt, one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Being such an amazing artist, it’s clear why she has such a huge following. Beyoncé is great with keeping her business and personal life private. After all, she did drop a surprise album out of the blue. This is probably why her pregnancy announcement was an unforgettable VMA moment.

At the 2011 VMA’s Beyoncé performed her it “Love on Top” in a glittery-purple jacket. Just like all her performances, it was flawless. It wasn’t until after she finished the song that she took her jacket off and began rubbing her belly to announce that she was pregnant. Being one of the sweeter VMA moments, it had to make the list.

Britney Spears - I’m a Slave For U

In 2001, Britney Spears delivered a jaw dropping performance. Out of a number of her VMA appearances, this one takes the cake. The pop star performed her hit “I’m a Slave 4 U.” This epic production had Britney showing off her skilled dance moves while sharing the stage with some exotic animals.

One of the highlights of this legendary performance had to be when Britney pranced around the stage with an albino Burmese PYTHON around her neck. If you haven’t heard bout this performance, where have you been?! You can see Britney’s performance below.

Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora

This classic spectacle was not your typical performance. Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora wowed the audience at the 1989 VMA awards by performing some of his songs acoustically. Though this wasn’t the first time the world had been exposed to acoustic songs, Bon Jovi helped introduce the idea to the performing world. The acoustic version got rid of all the glitz and glam of typical performances and gave the audience raw and real sound. So, next time you see your favourite artist performing acoustically, you can think about where acoustic performances helped get their start.

Michael Jackson’s 15 Minute Medley 

No one has been able to take away the title of the “King of Pop” from Michael Jackson. His performance at the 1995 VMA’s definitely justified why he earned that title. Being one of the most highly recognized artists in the world, MJ stunned the audience with a 15-minute medley. He put on an unforgettable show, singing some of his top hits as well as performing his signature dance moves. Even though this performance is 20 years old you can still watch it online. I guarantee it will give you chills!

Kanye West & Taylor Swift

This moment at the 2009 VMA awards is something a lot of people wish they could forget. When people hear the names Kanye West and Taylor Swift in the same sentence, I assume that at least 80% of people would think of the time Kanye rudely interrupted Taylor on LIVE television. In his attempt to defend Beyoncé, this stunt definitely took a toll on his image. He clearly didn’t learn his lesson the first time since he almost interrupted Beck at this year’s Grammy Awards! When will he ever learn?

Janet Jackson’s Tribute to Michael

2009 was a tragic year for Michael Jackson fans, as this was the year he passed away. With the VMA’s happening shortly after his death, Janet Jackson paid a beautiful tribute to her late brother at the award show. This moving performance was a celebration of Michael Jackson’s extremely successful musical career. The main highlight of this performance has to be when the crowd went crazy as Janet entered the stage to perform MJ’s single “Scream.” Her dancing along with one-of-a-kind vocals made this one of the most memorable tributes done at the VMA’s.  You can watch the emotional performance below. 

Miley Cyrus We Can’t Stop/Blurred Lines

2013 seemed to be a wild year for Miley Cyrus. If you don’t agree, maybe her 2013 VMA performance with Robin Thicke will convince you. This spectacle had people talking even months after the show finishes. It’s still talked about to this day. Being a Disney star many teens and young adults grew up with, Miley’s appearance on the VMA’s definitely made a few jaws drop. She made it pretty clear that she was no longer Hannah Montana. Many people were convinced that she lost it. In her silver bodysuit, Miley performed her song “We Can’t Stop” while dancing around the stage with giant teddy bears. She then did a quick costume change and joined Robin Thicke as they sang his chart topping hit “Blurred Lines” and it all went south from there. You can watch the video here. What’s funny is that Miley is set to host this year’s VMA’s. We can only hope that her hosting skills will make up for the show she put on in 2013.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Award shows are a place where celebrities come together in their finest clothing, to show off their looks and talents. Lady Gaga surprised everyone when she showed up to the 2009 VMA’s in a meat dress. Her entire outfit from head to toe was made out of meat. It had a lot of people wondering how it was even possible. It turns out the designer of the dress, Franc Fernandez, went to his local meat shop and put this eccentric creation together. Needless to say, the dress did have animal rights activists in an uproar. Lady Gaga defended herself saying that the dress wasn’t made to attack vegetarians or vegans but was made as a political statement. Well she most definitely made a statement and can claim the title of wearing one of the most bizarre outfits that VMA’s have ever seen!

lady gaga

source: Yahoo

Lil Mama – Empire State of Mind

This has to be one of the funniest VMA moments ever. Lil Mama, who’s most famously known for her song “Lip Gloss” as well as being one of the judges on “America’s Best Dance Crew”, did something pretty unbelievable at the 2009 VMA’s. As Alicia Keys and Jay-Z were performing one of their hits, Empire State of Mind, a camera panned to Lil Mama crashing the stage. She danced along to the song on stage and appeared to be having a good old time.  Lil Mama may have thought she was doing it out of the good of her heart but many found it offending to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Once the performance was done, Lil Mama decided to pose with the other two artists, basically copying their finishing pose. It’s safe to say that the 2009 VMA’s definitely gave the audience the unexpected.

Make sure you catch this year’s VMA’s at the end of August. There are definitely more memories to be made! Were there any other VMA moments that you remember? What would you have added to our list? Let us know on our Twitter!

-Asia Snowdon