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The Time Is Now...

By Kenan Habibovic

Sixty percent… That was the number of people who showed up to vote during the last election. That’s a pass for a college student at Humber. However is that what you would call a good grade? For someone like me that’s unacceptable. I like getting good grades.

Tonight is finally Election Day; the day we’ve been waiting for, October 19th 2015 took you long enough. The politics have been dirty, the campaign ads have been repetitive and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of listening to the radio saying “This is a paid message for (insert political party here).”

I’ve watched our politicians waste the last few weeks of the campaign with talks of Niqab’s and what people can and cannot wear. When personally I feel they should’ve of chatted more about the economy and the fact that when I leave Humber in six months my student debt may be near $20, 000 dollars and maybe just maybe, there might be a job waiting for me on the other end?

Tonight is a very important night and not because there’s a Blue Jays game. Tonight is important because we get to do something that truth be told people have died for in other countries. As simple of a task as voting something that we find remedial here in Canada, others across the globe have literally given their lives to achieve. Now this isn’t supposed to be a guilt trip into voting; however I think it’s turning out to be that way.

Tonight we will elect a Prime Minister, but in no way does he or she run this country. You run this country. You have the power to say yes and say no. So hopefully you did the right thing today.