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Summer Sixteen in the 6ix

Summer Sixteen in the 6ix

By: Nancy Birko

(Source: Instagram - @champagnepapi)

Drake (aka the 6ix God) and Future were in Toronto for their Summer Sixteen Tour stop this past weekend, but it wasn’t just a regular tour stop. It was the seventh annual OVO Fest, but it was a little different than previous years. First off, it’s usually held at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, but the festival has been growing in popularity in recent years, and the Amphitheatre was getting a little too small for the crowd. So this was the first year that OVO Fest was at Air Canada Centre, and could hold twice as many people as before! So it was a completely different atmosphere and it was definitely way bigger than in the past. There was a show on Sunday and another on Monday. Traditionally, the first day has been reserved for a special act, such as Outkast, and the second day belongs to Drake and friends. This year, both days were Drake and friends (with a couple more associated acts joining on Monday). Here’s a summary of Summer Sixteen in the 6ix’s openers over the weekend:

Baka: One of Drake’s good friends and a rapper. He came out and opened the show on both days, performing a few songs each day for about ten minutes. 

Roy Woods: A new artist with OVO, he came out and did a set of his music, including “Drama”. He’s still new to performing, and you could tell by his stage presence, but he’ll definitely learn a thing or two by being on a tour of this caliber. OVO Fest has been a great platform for up and coming artists to get their music out there, and we’ve seen so many artists grow with the brand.

dvsn: OVO’s newest signee performed a glorious set. The duo consists of a singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85. Day has phenomenal vocals and the crowd went wild with the flawless performance as he hit the high notes with such ease. There were also a few backup singers, similar to a choir, and the overall performance really gave off a church vibe.

(Source: Instagram - @dvsndvsn)

Now it’s time for the actual show to start. Drake showed up on stage and the arena went absolutely wild, as you would expect it to when the 6ix God is home. He performed some of his new music, a medley of old songs, and fan favorites. It was amazing!

Future then emerged out and did his part. He performed some of his new music and he and Drake performed a few songs together including “Jumpman” and “Big Rings”. This was really the essence of the Summer Sixteen Tour.

(Source: Instagram - @future)

But it wouldn’t be a proper OVO Fest without some surprise guests showing up.

The Jamaican dancehall artist, Popcaan, came out and surprised everyone on Day Two. What made it even better was that it was Caribana weekend in Toronto, so his performance couldn’t have come at a better time.

French Montana showed up at the second show. He just released the music video for his latest collaboration with Drake, “No Shopping”, which they performed on stage together.

(Source: Instagram - @champagnepapi)

Then it happened: Rihanna came to both days of OVO Fest! She told the audience that she’s usually back home in Barbados for Carnival, but this year she missed it to be at the event. On top of that, she and Drake performed “Too Good” live for the first time ever, and it was way too good! These two have undeniable stage chemistry, and the capacity crowd loved every minute!

(Source: Instagram - @nancybirko)

Finally, Kanye West came out and shocked everyone on Monday. He’s been to OVO Fest a few times before, so he knows his way around the crowd. What really got everyone going was when he and Drake alluded to a future album together. That was more than enough to cause a frenzy of excitement!

(Source: Instagram - @champagnepapi)

Overall, the seventh annual OVO Fest/Summer Sixteen Tour was nothing short of amazing! Form a new location to new special guests, who knows what’s in store for next year?