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Quick TIFF Tips

The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the city’s biggest events. Each year Toronto fills up with some of the film industry’s biggest names as they all come together to celebrate and enjoy the world of film. Whenever TIFF is happening, people know because it quickly becomes one of the most talked about events in media. With over 300 films, some including world premieres, there’s no question as to why TIFF is such a big deal. With the event just starting up, the festival is a great way to enjoy the talents of filmmakers and actors from all over the world. Here are some TIFF Tips to help make the festival worth your while.



1. TIFF can be intimidating if it’s your first or second time attending. The festival makes it easier for people by making tickets and packages available for purchase online. If there’s a movie that you’re dying to see but appears to sold out, try going down to the cinema. Some people may be selling their tickets last minute so it’s worth giving it a try.

2. If there’s a movie you’ve been looking forward to seeing but it seems sold out, there are rush lines. These lines are a gamble because you risk the chance of tickets running out and you being unable to see the film. If you want a good chance of catching a screening but need to use the rush line, try lining up an hour and a half beforehand.

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3. Do your research on the films playing. With TIFF’s huge library of films it would be hard for someone to find a film that wouldn’t suit them. TIFF makes it easy for moviegoers by keeping them up to date on what’s playing. To make the most out of the festival, try seeing a film that you wouldn’t typically watch. It will make your experience much more worthwhile.  

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4. Wearing a comfortable outfit is something that is most definitely overlooked. With a festival as big as TIFF you don’t know what may happen or how long you may be walking around or standing. Wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes or and annoying outfit could make your TIFF experience less enjoyable so dress with caution.

5. Like many people say, patience is a virtue. It’s important to keep this in mind especially at TIFF. You have to consider that there are thousands of people who want to enjoy the festival just as much as you and sometimes things will move slowly. So stay patient and enjoy the experience.

6. One of the many great things about TIFF is the Q&A’s. They’re a chance to sit down and interact with some talented actors, directors, etc. Attending the Q&A’s are a great way to get a behind the scenes perspective on the films. Only certain films include a Q&A portion afterwards so be on the lookout for those.

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7. Some people enjoy TIFF because some of the biggest celebrities are in town. If you’re one of those people who gets star struck by just the thought of your favourite star sharing the same city as you, you’re in luck. There have already been some celebrity sightings in Toronto because of TIFF. The media’s been buzzing about the hotels, restaurants, and venues the stars like to hang out at. If you’re planning on “accidentally” running into some big names, this Toronto article lists some of the top locations some celebrities have been spotted at.

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Those were some quick TIFF Tips that will hopefully help you on your TIFF experience! The festival ends on September 20th so make sure to get out there and see some films! Do you have any other tips that you feel need mention? Let us know on our Twitter!

-Asia Snowdon