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Pre-historically freak out a guide to a Toronto Raptors Game

Toronto Raptors

Let’s face it, most people who are “Toronto” sports fans are divided into three groups:

  1. DIE HARD 
    They’ve been here from the beginning. They grew up here, they rooted for their teams no matter what their records was, and they’ll die with a tattoo of the team’s logo somewhere on their body.

    These people care about Toronto sports, sort of. They know the scores of the games, but haven’t really tuned in. They know who the big names are, who is leading the team in whatever, and who is on the trading block.

    They kind of care about Toronto sports, but not really. They are honestly just at the games to take a picture to post to social media.

    I myself have been a newsreader for Toronto sports for a very long time. My sports allegiances lie stateside, but I have been to enough Raptors games to the point where security remembered my face!

    If you’re attending a Raptors game as either as a number two or number three type of fan, these four tips will help you survive a Raptors game!

1. Spend more on your tickets.

I cannot re-affirm this more - If you can spend a little bit more on your tickets to get better seats, do it. I have seen games in the nosebleeds, games in the mid-level and games damn near courtside.

The worst experience I had by far was watching a game in the nose bleeds. All of the players look like ants, you can’t see anything properly and the only benefit to being up there is you could possibly be on the jumbotron for winning a pizza.

Stop buying your $5 coffee a three days a week, and you will be able to put a little bit more towards your seats.

Trust me. Closer is better.

2. Gear up, and not in a t-shirt jersey.

There is nothing cooler than going to a Raps game and seeing a sea of red, black, and white.

So grab your Raptors shirt, hat, or old jersey and come down!

You really don’t want to be that one person who tries to look like Drake. He even looks out of place at Raptors games.

Side note, nothing against t-shirt jerseys, but they are played out and you’ll look like you haven’t taken interest in the team since Chris Bosh was on the roster.

3. Eat before you go to the ACC.

The Air Canada Centre is notorious for overcharging for food, drink, (and sometimes tickets).

Your best bet is to scarf down on a quick meal before you head over to your game, you will save money and you can put the extra cash towards team swag!

If you are planning on drinking, budget out for more than a usual bar price. Liquor of all kinds costs a very hefty fee in the ACC.

4. Chant, scream, and get into the game!


It honestly frustrates me to see the amount of people who are just at a Raptors game to browse their instagram feed.

Put your phone away, participate in the chants and or dance! It’s a perfect opportunity to relive some stress from the work week to connect with your fellow Raptors fans.
Now some of this stuff is super basic, but it is always good to be prepared and be a good fan then a boring one.


Go to Jurassic Park. It is awesome.

Raptor out!

Josh Rawlings