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New Track Review: “Freeze Me” by Death From Above

freeze me

The band Death From Above 1979 doesn’t go by that name anymore. It’s just Death From Above now, and while they’re a little coy on whether or not a new album is on the way, there’s definitely a new single. Interpret that however you might.

“Freeze Me” starts off with a speedy piano line before the Toronto duo jump in with their trademark attack of drums and bass processed through who-knows-how-many effects. We get a lyric about love and some outer space wordplay before we hit a screaming, soaring chorus. This new jam is closer in structure to the work heard on 2014’s comeback album The Physical World as opposed to the unpredictable bangers found on the group’s 2004 debut LP. Much like some of the other more interesting bands of the turn of the millennium who also have found themselves reuniting lately to create new material -- bands such as Refused or At the Drive In -- Death From Above’s new music is more focused and disciplined, but it’s at the expense of some of the odd thrills artists are more likely to produce when they don’t yet know all the rules.

This single is one of many DFA songs that are big on danceability, and after a few listens you have to wonder what it might sound like if a forthcoming record doubled down on a real bizarro club sound. At just over three minutes, “Freeze Me” mostly gets in and gets out, but you have to wonder if Death From Above is a band on the verge of their opus.

By Sean Madigan