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My Top 5 Themed Movies to Watch on Netflix

Netflix has challenged modern television and cable with its offer of $7.99 a month for unlimited shows, movies and even documentaries. It offers thousands of shows to watch with themes to spike everyone’s interests.


Here is my compilation of some of the best themed movies to check out on Netflix.

1. Action

Netflix offers a wide range of action movies! Transformers, The Incredible Hulk and even Fast & Furious. If you prefer older actions movies, Netflix offers those as well. Classics like, Charlie’s Angels, Mission Impossible and Romeo Must Die.


2. Comedy

Netflix fills the need of every person looking for a little comedy in their life. This includes one of the best comedians Mr. Bean, in his animated film, different movies and even stand-up shows. Other more recent comedies offered include Tammy, Blended and Neighbors.


3. Romance

If you are really into romance, like myself, Netflix has a variety of movie options to choose from. Whether you like the mushy type of love, or the strange kind of love, or just complicated love, Netflix offers it all. With movies like The Notebook, which will surely bring you to tears, The Wedding Ringer, that will make you laugh until you cry and classic romance as represented in Maid in Manhattan. Netflix will surely feed your desire for some love, on screen of course.


4. Science Fiction & Fantasy

Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies have increased in popularity the past couple of years. Many more people seem to be interested in the Star Wars Franchise. You can find all the Stars Wars films and episodes on Netflix! Not to mention other cool Science fiction movies like Tron, Divergent and Independence Day.

Sci fi

5. Children &Family

If you ever get stuck baby-sitting, Netflix has the perfect flicks for the children and yourself to enjoy. These movies are also perfect for family movie nights. Or if you just love watching animated films and cartoons, Netflix has it all. There are a variety of kids’ movies to choose from. These include Beethoven, Lego Movie, The Incredibles and many others.


Well, that’s my list of themed movies you just must watch on Netflix. There are a wide range of other themes to choose from. Which themes are your favorite? Tweet us @RadioHumber and let us know.

-Danai Blake