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Movie Review: Sausage Party

By Stan Musial (@stantheradioman)

(Source: Columbia Pictures)

It’s safe to say that Seth Rogen is one of the most successful Canadian comedic actors/writers of the past decade, but Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg’s latest entry to their already stacked repertoire of films could be one of their best ever. 

Sausage Party, which came out in theatres on August 12th, is an animated feature (Rogen’s first foray into the genre) about talking food in a grocery store in Anytown, USA, and their hopes of getting bought by humans who will take them out of the store and into the “Great Beyond” (read: outside the grocery store). The movie has a lot more plot and substance to it than that, but I’m not one for spoilers. Since this is an animated film, I felt Rogen and Goldberg took their writing to an entirely new level than anything they’ve ever done before, and they have done some wild things (notably, This is the End and The Interview).

Yes, a lot of the jokes are vintage Seth Rogen, but at the same time this film does a hilarious and amazing job satirizing the world and historical events past and present, relating the characters and some plot scenario’s to those real events. Some critics are calling this movie an “R-rated masterpiece”, and I would agree.