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Mistakes I Made In My First Year of College That You Should Avoid


First year of college is terrifying. Especially when you’re someone with social anxiety like me. To this day I still have my sister ask the sales associates where things are. And it’s because of this, I made a lot of mistakes during my first year. So here I am, to tell you to avoid doing these things in hopes of making your first year more durable and fun. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Professors are there to help you, in high school I came up with the assumption that college professors are all mean and scary. But it’s the complete opposite, they’re totally cool and make you feel so welcome in any environment. So when they say they want to help you adjust, they mean it. So use that, ask any questions that you may have about course material or what’s required of you during classes. Don’t just sit in the back corner and avoid communication at all costs, it won’t help.


The second I heard that class was over, I made a mad dash out the doors and to the bus stop. I made sure to have that path memorized so I could run and avoid social interactions. Wrong move. I ended up getting so lost whenever a class relocated or I if I were trying to find a specific room. Once class is over or if you have time to kill, walk around campus, get to know the hallways and stairwells. You may find different types of resources like computer rooms, study rooms or even the infamous nap room.

Talk to people

Luckily for me, my classmates noticed that I wasn’t the type to willingly put myself in social situations first, so they came to me and included me in discussions and any trips to linx or the café. That’s not the case most of the time. Talk to the people around you, start conversations and make friends that can help enhance your college experience. Don’t know how to start? Compliment someone, if you notice that they’re wearing something cool, compliment them and start a conversation like that. Ask them where they got it from and just branch out from there.

Hopefully these tips help you out. Because let’s face it. None of us want to have a bad college experience. Don’t forget to put yourself out there and that nothing is as bad as you might make it out to be.

Thuriga Balasubramaniam