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Let’s Get Carving!

Pumpkins! You love to eat them, put them in pies and tarts, but more importantly you love to carve them. A good Jack-O-Lantern is an essential for any house receiving trick or treaters on Halloween. Whether you want your pumpkin to induce fear, laughter, or a puzzled expression, here are some noteworthy designs I’ve found that could inspire you to carve that legendary Jack-O-Lantern.


Alright, this one is just classic scary. Imagine yourself as a trick-or-treater on your first Halloween, walking up to a house and you see, in your mind, a pumpkin with an evil smile that is probably going to eat you, yeah. You’d be scared, might want to skip that house for the night, lest you incur the wrath of the Demon Pumpkin!!! From a design perspective, anything this ambitious takes time to carve properly, and always have a back-up pumpkin, just in case you carve off a tooth by mistake.     

pumpkin 2

Poor scared pumpkin. That same trick-or-treater that was terrified of the last pumpkin would be very relieved that someone else was as scared as they were. A good Jack-o-lantern doesn’t have to be intricate to be effective, it just needs to get its point across, and that’s especially true with the happier ones. The simplest smile can still make you laugh.

pumpkin 3

If Intricacy is your game then I dare you to top this Death Star pumpkin. You almost feel like there’s little pumpkin Stormtroopers running around in there getting ready to protect the pumpkin Empire. If you do plan on doing something this involved then spare no detail and go all out!

Just a few ideas to get you started for your jack-o-lantern this year. If you carve something awesome or happen to see an amazing pumpkin then send us a pic via twitter @radiohumber.                   

pumpkin 4

If you’re still stuck for ideas then try this house. It looks like they have more than they can handle. Happy carving!

-Trystan Yates-Owen