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Kicking The Habit...

By Kenan Habibovic

kicking the habit

With every choice comes consequence, and with every decision made is a moment you don’t get back. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you must say enough is enough.

October 31st was my 10-year anniversary of smoking cigarettes. 10 years… Choices and consequences right? A decade has past since I stole my first pack out of my Dad’s car (Dad if you’re reading this… My bad) and not a day goes by that I don’t regret that decision. But I did it and I must live with it.

You see here’s the problem I have now, as I enter the career path I’ve chosen for myself (radio) I’ve realized that my future employer is going to pay me half decent salary to use my voice to tell stories, connect with my audience and tell people important information that they can use in every day life. 

But if I continue down the path that I’m walking I won’t have much a voice left. I mean it does tell you that right on the box of Pall Mall Large King Blues. So what am I to do? Quit… Yes that would be the logical answer. However I’ve grown accustom to the cancer sticks, it’s become apart of me and a decade later I’m not so sure that I can kick the habit.

I know I need to but I don’t know where to start. Today there are a lot of choices to help out. E-Cigarettes, a pill or I could stop messing about and just put the bloody thing down and go cold turkey. The truth is I’m afraid, every time I’ve tried to put the smokes back on the shelf I relapse.

My mind isn’t tough enough to endure what’s ahead, so I ask if you’ve quit or thinking of quitting, somehow contact me and maybe we can do this together because frankly 10 years is long enough.    

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-       Kenan Habibovic