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Humber College: A social media guide

Humber College: A social media guide

Are you looking for the best possible way to learn more about your school?

The power of technology welcomes an efficient method of communication through social media. Following your school’s social media accounts will ensure the best possible grasp on any upcoming events and information that may be valuable to your success as a student.

The downfall? It’s very difficult to find the social media accounts to follow that best apply to you.

Well, the search is over. Here are the social media accounts for Humber’s schools and main campus details.

Main College Channels:

Humber’s main college channels are found on every social media site imaginable. These sites will undoubtedly keep you posted on all the important upcoming events the college wants you to know. These are the social media accounts to follow for all of the general Humber information you won’t want to miss.

The Academic Schools Channels

Humber’s programs are divided into eight specialized schools. Each school features state-of-the-art facilities, technology and professors who have real-world experience. Seven out of the eight schools are participating in social media in order to adapt to the technological world we are currently living in. Their social media sites will provide you with specific updates about your school and what is coming up.

School of Applied Technology

This school offers programs in design, engineering technologies and skilled trades. There are over 37 programs offered across a span of applied technology industries. These social media sites will give the School of Applied Technology students with all the necessary updates.

School of Creative and Performing Arts

This school offers many programs that provide students with the opportunity to express their creativity. From acting to creative writing, these programs live in a school of artists. By following the School of Creative and Performing Arts on social media, you will learn all about upcoming events and shows featuring students in this school.

School of Health Sciences

This school is dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience with students in order to help them become career-ready graduates. This school provides students with the opportunity to learn how to work across a range of careers in the healthcare field. The School of Health Sciences social media accounts tell students all about the various programs and information needed to succeed in their program.

School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism

This school ensures that culinary, hospitality, tourism and fitness and recreation programs are able to provide students for an exciting a hands-on experience. This school prepares students for the real-world in a wide range of industries that each program offers. Participating in their social media sites will provide students with demonstrations of related topics introduced throughout the outlined programs.

School of Media Studies and Information Technology

This school allows for students to experience the largest combination of media-sector programs in Canada. With a comprehensive mix of media, arts and IT programming, students are able to participate in a highly-skilled, adaptable and resourceful experience. This school’s social media accounts allow for students to understand just how media studies works through YouTube videos and Facebook posts.

School of Social and Community Services

This school allows for students to make a difference as a criminal justice professional, child and youth care worker, social services worker or in community and justice services. Programs like developmental services and policing/fire services are offered throughout this school. By following this school on social media, students are able to learn about the most recent updates that these programs offer.

The Business School

This school delivers high-demand programs that are current and relevant. There are 38 programs within the school that provide students with a broad range of credentials from degrees to postgraduate certificates. By following their social media accounts, students will be able to ensure that they are informed on the latest updates throughout the school.

Radio Humber

96.9 Radio Humber is a community radio station that is based out of Humber College’s North Campus. By following Radio Humber’s social media accounts, students can laugh at funny memes and gifs, read enticing articles and learn about the newest and hottest Canadian artists featured on the station.

By: Julia Colavecchia