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How To’s On YouTube

The new, more popular, name for “How to…” videos is DIY, meaning “Do It Yourself”. There has been a new craze with “Do it Yourself” videos. It seems everyone wants a sense of independence and wants to learn new skills; if you would call them skills. There are a wide range of DIY’s. From simple, to complicated and sometimes somewhere between. For things like making videos, learn new pranks, learning a new dance move and lots more. No matter what the nature of the DIY is, every one of them is useful and can teach you something new and fun!

These videos have grown popular because they suite the needs of every demographic. From little old ladies or men, to young boys and girls. There is no specific age. Most of these videos also have simple instructions and are so easy to follow.

My personal favorites are hair tutorials. I just love doing hair and there are millions of styles out there. Whether you’re working with short hair, medium length, or even long hair. There are different hair textures too. There are videos for thick natural hair and silky hair. These tutorials are so easy to follow too and the styles are beautiful. They don’t always turn out like on the videos because they sometimes use different products but still quick and easy. 

If you’re more into video games there are also video game tutorials. If you happen to get stuck on a level of any video game you can, most likely, find the solution on youtube. This I also think is very useful because there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to pass a level on any video game. The games that don’t have checkpoints are just the worst. You find yourself stuck at one point and if you die, guess what, you have to start from the beginning of that level. These videos help you with any type of game. So, instead of wasting time, you can check the video and breeze through that level.

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Other great videos to check out would, definitely be, food tutorials. All, if not every, home has a computer, laptop or tablet, to access the internet. If you want to try something new for your kids or for a date night with your partner, check out some youtube videos. Of you have a cook book and there’s a recipe you want to try but can’t quite follow it, check out some youtube videos. If you just want more explained, more detailed and more visuals for some food, just check out some youtube videos. I am an audio and visual learner, so making stuff off youtube makes it a million times easier for me. There are also a variety of dishes to try from all over the world. To me, this is much cheaper and much more useful than a cook book.