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How to survive first year of college

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College is one intimidating cyclone of chaos. Despite participating in many poor decisions, procrastinating on major assignments and joining the famous freshmen fifteen, college is an experience of a lifetime.

The first year of college can easily be one of the most confusing and exciting times of your life. It is extremely overwhelming to move away from home for the first time and to be thrown outside of your comfort zone. Suddenly, you are surrounded by new faces, have a huge responsibility to keep your grades high and you have total freedom.

Although it sounds scary, the college experience will teach you valuable life skills while having a ton of fun. Follow these five tips in order to survive your first year in college:

Be a social butterfly with everyone you see! This isn’t high school anymore; everyone is in the same boat.  There is no more division of cliques between who’s popular and who’s nerdy.  Everybody feels the same way that you do- awkward, uncomfortable and out of place.  So, make the best of it and bond over the stress of deadlines.

Never buy textbooks. Repeat: never buy the textbook. Make sure you read over the course syllabus and ensure that purchasing the textbook is 100 per cent necessary. If so, always buy used books or even rent the book. Follow tip #1 and share the book with one of your new friends or even purchase an online textbook. Save your money by getting a discounted price for the same material.

Find a study safe haven. It is very easy to get distracted when trying to study in your room. Between listening to your roommate talking to his/her mom on the phone, listening to your neighbours partying next door and contemplating hopping into your cozy bed, you’ll never get your work done. Explore your campus in order to find a place that is free from distractions so that you can study and/or procrastinate in peace.

Find a healthy food alternative. It is very easy to pack on the pounds and join the freshmen fifteen club. From munching on salty snacks to replacing meals with coffee, it is easy to lose sight of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Ensure that you remember not to let the stress of midterm and final exams to get to you. Find a place on campus that provides healthy alternatives in order to maintain a healthy diet. Remember to drink a lot of water to keep you alert and focused during your studies.

Communication is key. Ensure that you are using your communication skills throughout the duration of your college experience. It is important to communicate clearly with every encounter. Whether you are engaging with a professor, roommate or classmate, communication is a crucial in order to succeed and survive college.

Never forget to always have fun and make the most of your college experience.

By: Julia Colavecchia