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How to make the most of your Tim Hortons visit

tim hortons

Image: Tim Hortons 

1. Know what you want to order when you reach the cash register. There is nothing worse than someone who can’t make up their mind when there is a whole line up behind them. We get it, there are new things and lots of variety but you have the whole wait in line to decide. Knowing what you want to order will make the people serving you, and the people in line, not hate you. 2. Know the sizes. TimBits come in boxes of 10, 20 or 50. There is no extra small anymore. Cold drinks are small, medium and large (and that’s all). The cup sizes changed over three years ago. The extra is the new large, the small is the old medium, etc. And don’t even get me started on grande versus medium.

tim hortons sizes


3. Double Double is two cream and two sugar. You can ask for a “double double with milk”. But if you just ask for a Double Double, it will be made with cream and sugar by default. Some people don’t know that and get angry when their coffee isn’t made how they like it. Or “Oops, I forgot to mention it was with milk. Can I get another one?” You’ll get another one, but we won’t be happy.

4. Breakfast ends at noon. Its always been like that. We remove all the breakfast foods shortly after 12, so we can’t even make a breakfast sandwich if we wanted to. End of story.

tim hortons breakfast

Image: Tim Hortons 

5. Don’t talk to the employees too much. We don’t mind a quick “hi, how are ya” but keep it to that. Unless its noticeably slow and we like you, please don’t tell us your life story. On the flip side, don’t completely ignore your server and just grunt your order.

6. Know the difference between Dark Roast and Original Blend. Saying “regular” actually is code for one cream and one sugar. If you don’t say anything about what blend you want it will be original, the stuff that’s been here since the beginning. Nothing confuses a team member more when you say “I’ll have a medium original with two creams”. For that you would say “I’ll have a medium with two creams”. It’s not that hard... 

If you follow these simple tips, your Tim Hortons experience should be quick and painless.

-   Colin Bradbury