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Horror Movies: Don’t Forget About the Classics!

Boo! It’s almost Halloween and that means it’s time to watch some scary movies. While there’s no shortage of scream worthy movies in the theatres right now, maybe this Halloween you try something different and go and watch some of the classic films that modern horror movies are built on. Yes, some of these movies can be a little old fashioned and they don’t have the best special effects, but they can still be absolutely terrifying.


A good example of that is the original Alien from 1979. When you look at the actual alien from the movie, you see a guy in a rubber suit. It’s just isn’t terribly convincing anymore with how far we’ve come in movie effects. Despite that, this movie is still terrifying, especially if you’re seeing it for the first time. To quote director Ridley Scott “…it’s not what you see, but the effect of what you think you saw.” You never get a good look at the alien until the very end of the film. It always moves in the shadows and you can only catch brief glimpses of what it looks like. This allows your mind to start filling in the gaps and you create something far more terrifying than the guy in the rubber suit.



Another good one is The Exorcist. In 1973, this kind of child possessed by evil horror movie wasn’t clichéd territory and was genuinely new and terrifying. Looking at it now, the effects have not stood the test of time but the psychological terror the film invokes hasn’t faded at all. There’s a reason that there have been so many horror films that draw so heavily from this movie. Try watching this one by yourself and see if you can sleep soundly in the same night.

So go to the theatre, check out the latest Paranormal Activity or Crimson Peak (which is supposed to be very good) but don’t forget about the classics that helped make horror movies what they are today. If you have a suggestion for a good horror movie let us know via twitter @radiohumber. Happy Halloween!

-Trystan Yates-Owen