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Fun in the Sun: The Best Beaches in Toronto

By Dominik Dutrisac (@kinimodd93)

(Photo: Shutterstock)

When the summer sun is shining strong, and you want to soak in that Vitamin D, then the beach is the best place to be! This list is your guide for some fun in the sun on Toronto’s best sandy shores. So grab a towel, go for a swim, and get ready to dive right in!

Woodbine Beaches

(Photo: Panoramio)

There are tons of things at Woodbine to keep you busy, with a skate park, loads of volleyball courts, and an Olympic style swimming pool. It has three kilometers of sandy fun! There will be lots of Frisbee, badminton, and volleyball along the shore. Woodbine Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Toronto, and you’ll always have a fun time whether you’re playing in the sand or catching some waves.

Sunnyside Beach

(Photo: BlogTO)

This beach is more of a recreational space known for its greenery and boardwalk where you can enjoy some skateboarding, biking and rollerblading. Sunnyside is also a great place to relax and grab a cup of coffee from the historic Sunnyside Pavilion Café. This beach was the place to be in 1950s and will absolutely live up to its history.

Centre Island Beach


Centre Island manages to take you far enough from city life to feel like a whole new world, but keep you close enough to enjoy the impressive view of the skyline. The beach runs across the whole island, and allows for a great trek if you’re the adventurous type. The family-friendly nature of Centre Island means the beach has something for everybody whether you want to enjoy some sunny rays, go for an island bike ride, or rent a boat to coast along the shore. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with a Centre Island Beach adventure!

Sugar Beach


This Toronto Waterfront spot is meant for the avid tanner. Even if it isn’t meant for swimming, Sugar Beach is a great spot if you’re looking to relax. If you forgot your towel there are some seats for you to rest and relax, but the space is limited. With its pink umbrellas, striped rocks and white sandy shore, you’ll understand why it got its name. Sugar Beach also sports some live music from time to time being right next to the Corus Entertainment building.

Cherry Beach


A bit rougher than other beaches, sporting a rocky shore and some nice green spaces, Cherry Beach is definitely worth checking out if you can manage a weekday trip, because the weekends will definitely be busy. Seeing as it’s one of the more popular beaches in the city it’ll get really crowded really quickly. Though, it is one of the best spots to check out if you are looking to try out some water sports.

All of these sandy beaches have something for everyone, and are just waiting to be discovered! So be sure to get out there to explore, and give them a try.

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