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Cover To Cover

By Kenan Habibovic

Do I believe I was born in the wrong era? Sometimes I do. Is there a possibility that in my past life I was dancing in the mud at Woodstock? Yes there’s a good possibility of that. Am I a hippie at heart? Oh you better believe it!

I was raised by my father’s classic rock collection. The Joplin’s, Hendrix’s, Dylan’s and Morrison’s of the world but those artists happened a generation ago. A generation that I couldn’t witness with my own eyes and ears.

Fast forward to 2015 and there’s really only one band that can recreate the sounds that were once played oh so many years ago and they also happen to be Canadian. The boys of Saskatoon The Sheepdogs just released their 5th studio album called Future Nostalgia and it’s a JAM!!! Cover to Cover!! It’s what an album should be, from track 1 to the end is nothing short for brilliance. 

To tell you the truth there were times listening to this album where I couldn’t tell you when one song ended and the next one began it flows so effortlessly and the final product is beautiful. The boys are on tour now and they’ll be playing a pair of shows at the Danforth Music Hall so please make sure you go watch them if you haven’t already! I’ve also included a link to one of my favourtie tracks from this new album make sure you go check it out…

cover to cover 

Future Nostalgia by The Sheepdogs (2015)

Track 8 – Help Us All

Go listen to it! Right Now