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Britney Spears’ Divisive Billboard Music Awards Performance Sparks Debate

By Samantha Roman (@SamiPeach)

May 26th, 2016

One of the most anticipated acts on the night of the 2016 Billboard Music Awards was Britney Spears. Since the 1990’s, Spears has been one of the most emphatic leading female acts of all time and still generates a popular following selling out seats in her Las Vegas tour.

The 34-year-old took Twitter by storm when she appeared on stage wearing a red bedazzled bikini, many speculating that she would perform her classic hits alongside her newer material. The entire catalogue consisted of “Work B*tch”, “Womanizer”, “Breathe On Me” and “Slave 4 U”, topped off with a sizzling performance of “Toxic”. 

[Steve Granitz/WireImage]

However, there seems to be a divide on whether Britney’s racy performance was memorable, for better or worse. It’s been roughly two decades since Britney broke onto the scene with her “Baby On More Time” debut. Undoubtedly, the person you were 20 years ago is not capable of the same level of energy after giving birth to two children and all the challenges that life throws at you. And why should Britney be held to an impossible standard that we wouldn’t expect of ourselves?

A few unhappy viewers cited that Britney’s choreography was not as challenging as her past outings, ultimately turning them off of the performance. But those in Britney’s camp jumped to her defense, proclaiming that she looked amazing and could do no wrong. The truth may not be so cut and dry.

If you were expecting to see Britney in her school girl outfit days, you were stuck on an ideal that nobody could expect of anybody. Period. You may have prevented yourself from enjoying the show by having an image already set in your mind. But if you were tuned in and kept an open mind, the show did not disappoint. Britney’s toned, athletic body is the best she has ever looked. Her vocal power is still capable of bringing down the house.

Criticizing Britney for walking during some of her routines is an unfair assessment. There is an entire team that has worked with Britney for several months, pre-planning every aspect of her performance to make sure she had enough energy to keep going through a total five separate songs and dances, each paired with their own individual and unique elements.

It’s all but guaranteed that if Britney performed tomorrow at Rogers Centre, Torontonians would be lined up around the block for tickets – a reality that may come to fruition with Spears currently working on her ninth studio album. We look forward to it!