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A Music-Lover’s Guide: Staying Safe at Your Next Concert

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A Music-Lover’s Guide: Staying Safe at Your Next Concert

Children as young as eight years old, teenagers and parents have tragically lost their lives after singing and dancing with their idol. A suicide bomber has killed 22 people after a brutal attack at the Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert.

This horrifying incident has led to many questions about security and how safe music-lovers really are when supporting their favourite artists.  The British attack begs the question, can this happen at the Budweiser Stage while jamming to the Arkells this summer?

Since the Manchester attack, there have been plans to increase concert security in venues like the Air Canada Centre.  However, the unfortunate reality is that anything can happen at any time regardless of security measures. Being aware and informed as a concert-goer is important in order to stay safe while enjoying some good music.

Live Nation Entertainment is an American entertainment company that owns concert venues across the globe, including Canada. They provide concert-goers with a list of security measures that can help them stay safe and comfortable. 

These tips provide music-lovers with insight on how to have fun and stay safe:

Be willing and prepared

Before entering the venue, it is important to cooperate with the inspection.  This security check includes walking through the metal detectors, a pat-down and checking any purses or bags.  This is for the safety of the concert-goers.  In order to ensure a fun and safe concert environment, avoid any unnecessary arguments with security. Being prepared and willing guarantees a quick entry and an enjoyable concert experience.

Identify items that are not allowed

According to Live Nation’s list, it is important to be informed of what items are not permitted.  Concert venues do not allow large backpacks, bags, weapons, alcohol or drugs.  They do not allow glass containers or cans into the concert as well as laser pointers or animals (with the exception of service animals.)  It is important to remember the items that the venue does not permit in order to promise a safe and easy entry to the concert.  

Know your surroundings

It is important to become familiar with the venue by taking notice of the layout and keeping an eye out for the closest exit.  If there is an emergency, being aware of the nearest and safest rout to evacuate the venue is vital. Large concerts usually involve huge crowds with very little wiggle-room and sometimes it is difficult to locate those exit signs.  Being aware of the venue’s exits before the concert by searching online is also valuable for your safety.

See something say something

If there is something that appears to be out of place, it is imperative that the venue security is informed. Noting any form of suspicious activity such as locating a bag without an owner should be notified to security immediately. Being aware and recognizing activity that is out of the ordinary is important for your safety and for the well-being of others.

Positive attitude

As Canadians, it is unlike us to have a mean bone in our body.  Nevertheless, keeping up with that stereotype never hurts anybody.  Being respectful towards those music-lovers is always valuable to a concert-goer’s experience.

Always remember to have fun and be safe!

By: Julia Colavecchia