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A Guide to Port Credit

By: Samantha Roman

(Photo: Artfest Ontario)

If you ever wanted to experience life at sea (but in your own backyard) look no further than Port Credit!

Located in the city of Mississauga, Port Credit shines as the only neighborhood where you can befriend a fisherman and go straight to a five-star dining experience within the blink of an eye. Many tourists come to take pictures under the lighthouse but stay for hospitality and cuisine.

On my last trip with my father, we asked the locals where we could find a menu that could satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. A lady suggested we check out Fired Up (Located at 89 Lakeshore Road E., Open Daily: 4pm-1am).

(Photo: Fired Up BBQ)

If you prefer delicious seafood but your partner prefers a tantalizing burger, you’ll both get what you want without sacrificing quality. The open kitchen design means you can watch the food be prepared right in front of you! I recommend the muscles saturated in tomato sauce, or try something new with homemade Mac & Cheese balls.

One of the many benefits of walking around Port Credit is that you might end up purchasing a brand new item to showcase in your apartment to show Mom and Dad that your days of using bubblegum to hang your posters are over.

(Photo: Artfest Ontario)

Artfest is a Port Credit tradition! Unfortunately, the most recent event has passed (May 27-29) but the celebration happens annually, and each year more venders showcase their passion for art and design for all to see. From stonework to glass and everything in between, Artfest is a feast for the eyes!

And last but not least, the views are spectacular!

Since Port Credit is located on the Credit River of the north shore of Lake Ontario, water covers much of your sightline. As the sun goes down, the harbor becomes lit with a golden hue. At night, the streetlights come on and light up the boardwalk. There’s a reason photographers flock to Port Credit.

For these reasons and many more, Port Credit is the perfect place to take a walk and discover something unique and exciting. There are fun things to do and see all year round!