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5 Tips to Help You Survive Exam Time



It’s the most wonderful time of the year... EXAM TIME!!!!

The semester is ending, but we need to get over this one last hurdle. Exams.

If you’re in need of some help on how to study for your exams, here are some tips.

1. Reward yourself. Whether it be with candy, short YouTube videos, or just a walk for a break rewards help. Have a system set up like “every two paragraphs I get a candy” or “after each chapter, I’ll watch a short YouTube video”. If you give yourself incentive, you will WANT to study more. It also helps associate a good memory with studying, so you’re more likely to remember the content. 

exam 2


2. Don’t study for too long. Take short breaks to maximise your productivity, so you aren’t suffering for too long. Because if you’re cramming for hours at a time, you won’t retain the information. Stick to 45-50 minute study sessions and then go for a walk, talk to friends, eat food. Having breaks helps reset your concentration and lets you absorb the content better.

3. Study in a good environment. We all know it’s the worst when you are trying to work and the people around you will not stop talking. Distractions are your worst enemy while studying. It breaks your concentration and you remember less. How to avoid this is working in a quiet area with no distractions. If you can focus on your work you will be able to retain more information and work for longer periods of time. 



4. Create flashcards to practice your material. It’s one thing to just read the content, but if you can retrieve it from your memory, then you really know it. Flashcards are a good method of studying because it can work for many different ideas. Definitions, key concepts, formulas, quotes, etc. There are websites out there that you can make flashcards on super easy. Also, saying the material out loud saves it in another area of your memory. Not just what you’ve read, but what you’ve said.

5. All-nighters are the worst possible thing to do. Staying up super late the night before to cram is not an effective study technique. If you try to read all the content the night before you will not remember it. You will just get more tired and won’t be at your very best for the exam. Go to sleep at a reasonable time and after a certain point stop studying. Read and practice the information throughout the day and weeks before, so you can be confident going into the exam. Again, ALL-NIGHTERS DO NOT WORK!

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- Colin Bradbury