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5 Tips To Get You Walking


Wear Some Decent Walking/Running Shoes 

Your feet need comfort and support to be happy. Put aside the flat-footed Chucks or convoluted platform shoes. Please invest in some athletic footwear. This seems like some pretty obvious advice, but you don’t want to be that sorry person with sore feet and/or blisters. Treat your feet!

Bring Water 

Exercising outdoors in the summer has been known to cause a healthy thirst. Stay hydrated with a water bottle -- bonus points if you make use of the ice cube trick.

Just Start Walking With No Real Destination In Mind 

If you want to take walking to the next level, this is super fun. You just start walking with no destination in mind, letting your surroundings take you wherever. This is especially great if you live in an urban setting, and in fact the whole concept was conceived by French artists in the years following World War II for the purpose of enjoy a city to its fullest.

Bring A Friend

Walking is great fun and so are friends! Why not combine the two? Just be sure to practice good sidewalk etiquette and leave room for people to pass by you -- nothing is worse than having to walk in the street because of inconsiderate fellow pedestrians. Hopefully, your dazzling display of proper manners will catch fire and we’ll all be walking like civilized people someday very, very soon.

Carry Some Transit Fare Just In Case

You may find yourself having so much fun walking that you might lose track of time or how much more legwork it would take to get you back home, and that’s why you want to carry some transit fare just in case. Nothing like a nice air conditioned bus ride home after an extended jaunt in the sun. Treat yourself with a victory transit cruise.

By Sean Madigan

(photo from Pixabay)