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3 Classic (Old) Video Games To Play On A Rainy Day

classic games

When it rains it bores, and this year has already seen an abnormal amount of precipitation, and an abnormal amount of time spent bored inside the house. So if outdoor adventure is out of the question, sometimes a video game will do just fine. Here are a few classics to start you off:

The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo) 

You could pick up just about any old Zelda game and do okay. The original version was conceived with the aim of giving the player that same feeling of wonder that one gets when exploring the wilderness, and that’s a big reason why it’s a great rainy day game. Find treasure, fight monsters, and tune out the gloom outside with some adventure.


Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)

If you’re going to play a Sonic game, a good way to start is with one of the originals on Sega Genesis, like the one in the video above. You’ll spend most of your time running, jumping, and bouncing around. The games are fun, the colourful imagery is sure to brighten up a grey day, and good luck trying to get those catchy songs out of your head.

Civilization (Firaxis Games)

classic games

This classic world conquest game is on the list because it’s addicting as all heck, and also because the average session takes about ten hours to complete, meaning you can wait out even the heaviest downpour. The version I like to go with is the fourth one (see above), but one of the great things about the Civilization series is that each edition is unique and has it’s own unique characteristics, to the extent that the fanbase still can’t come to a consensus on which is the best. Play them all, I say!

By Sean Madigan