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What’s Cooking?

whats cooking

When you listen to the song, you might think of empty streets and broken cities. The song is about a powerful leader, having crushed everything in his way, from mountains to nature itself, but seems to be stopped by a simple river.

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What’s Trending? Back at it again…

damn daniel

If your name is Daniel, this last week must have been one heck of a week for you. With the “Damn Daniel” video surfacing over reading week, people can’t help but say “Damn Daniel”.

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Where Are They Now? Degrassi: The Next Generation


Ahh Degrassi High. Tackling all the issues our parents didn’t know how to talk to us about and the ones we didn’t know how to ask about.

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WikiLeaks: House of Clintons

A new theory suggests the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich is linked to leaked Clinton e-mails sent to WikiLeaks.

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You Can Now Charge Your Phone With Salt Water!

charging phone

I think that many people in today’s generation can agree that a dead cell phone is one of the worst things ever. There’s nothing worse than being out in public and having your phone die on you.

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Your Go-To List for Veld!

exhibition banner

Toronto is one of the best cities for festivals in the whole country and summer is the season when some of the best festivals take place. If there’s one thing that the majority of Toronto has in common, it’s the love of music.

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Your Guide to Panamania!

exhibition banner

The Pan Am and Parapan Am Games are in full swing with loads of entertainment for spectators to experience in addition to the games themselves. There are over 130 musical artists to see including Rich Aucoin, Joel Plaskett, Serena Rider, The Once, and so many others.

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Your Helpful Humber Hack Guide

humber logo

It’s that time of the year again when school has started back up and students are getting back into their regular routine.

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Your Pre-release Guide to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

star wars

With the release of Episode VII approaching fast on Dec 18, fans are getting restless waiting to see the next chapter of the beloved sci-fi saga.

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“Nothing But the Big Hits!” – Billy Talent at Amnesia Rockfest 2016

billy talent

When you have an artist line up that is so stacked with great acts like Rockfest did this year, some bands lose out on longer sets. Despite only being given 45 minutes on stage, Billy Talent did not waste a second of it.

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