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Top 10 ways to stay cool!

ice cream

The most fun way is to eat some ice cream or drink a cold beverage; why not both? I recommend mango juice. The cold dessert helps cool your body down.

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Why you should still go to the movies

why still go to movies

What do you feel when you first enter the main auditorium of a movie theatre? Do you get a rush of excitement, eager to see the flick you’ve been hyped over for the past 2 weeks?

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NXNE on the Horizon


June is right around the corner, which means a few things: Fathers’ Day, the NBA Finals, and North by North East (NXNE) returning to the Big Smoke. The first batch of headliners was announced earlier this week, which included Toronto’s own Jazz Cartier.

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The Shanaplan: What Just Happened?


If you live in Toronto or happen to know what the NHL is chances are you've heard of the Maple Leafs. This is the story of how the most profitable market in the NHL has been a failure for far too long, and what steps were taken to right our course.

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Ryan Reynolds’ Road to Deadpool 2

ryan reynolds

With the release of Deadpool 2 right around the corner, I thought it’d be fun to take a look back at how we got to this point. More specifically, how actor and great Canadian/all-around dude Ryan Reynolds got to this point.

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Canadian Artist Review: Lou Phelps

lou phelps

In lieu of a potential interview, this artist review is about Lou Phelps’ Album, 001: Experiments, and a few of his recent singles. This Montreal born rapper, DJ, part-time producer went all out throwing crazy catchy and super rambunctious vocals over his older brother KAYTRANADAs’ signature vibrant sound. 

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Due South - A Look Back at the Canadian Show That Could

due south

Over the years Canadian television has made its way on to the American television but back in 1994, a Canadian show was about to make history and become a cult classic in recent years, that show was Due South.

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Humber College Mens Basketball Team Takes On The United States Naval Academy

humber basketball

The Unites States Naval Academy Men’s Basketball Team have wrapped up their trip to Canada with two games at Humber College. The team dispatched from the Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland, and visited Ontario for a series of exhibition matches this past week.

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Canadian Music Week 2018: Letters From Pluto

cmw 2018

Canadian Music Week is one of the premier musical events in Canada. It’s not just about the music though. It also holds award shows with film, comedy and new music festivals. It spans 10 nights of performances, with 600 bands in approx. 35 live music joints in Toronto. 

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