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On Artist Title Album
8:16pm Robbie G ft. Swollen Members Fun House
8:13pm Classified Filthy
8:08pm Alx Veliz Dancing Kizomba
7:58pm Current Swell Plain To See Trust Us Now
7:55pm Wintersleep Archaeologists Welcome to the Night Sky
7:50pm Grand Analog Brothers Gotta Eat Metropolis is Burning
7:43pm Myka 9 and Factor Fly Paper
7:39pm Scott Helman Machine
7:28pm Dusty Wallace BLVD Reality Cheque
7:23pm Wolves Kings
7:17pm Herbie Fabulus Crawling
7:12pm Relic Breath Easy 13th Floor
7:07pm Swamp Thing Gods Must Be Angry Pray To Science
6:57pm Leoh Davis Promise
6:52pm Belinda Brady ft. Chip Fu Found The One
6:45pm Shad & Skratch Bastid Homie The Spring Up
6:40pm Nox Octavious/Louie Franchise Beautiful Girl Beautiful Girl
6:30pm The Weeknd Earned It
6:25pm The Weeknd The Hills
6:22pm Dusty Wallace #ketchup (GRINDIN) Reality Cheque
6:17pm Drake Hold On We're Going Home
6:14pm Grand Analog Not Enough Mondays feat Len Bowe Metropolis Is Burning
6:07pm Leoh Davis Ft Ramone Ride (Prod. Goldenboy x Nisi On
6:04pm Busty and the Bass Stages (Don't know why) Lift
4:56pm Dearly Beloved Rip Admission
4:55pm Arkells The Ballad of Hugo Chave Jackson Square
4:50pm The Sheepdogs The Way It Is The Sheepdogs
4:43pm Arkells Whistleblower Michigan Left
4:41pm Heart Attack Kids Platonic Love Bomb No Future
4:37pm Foxhart Fishman Home Wreck Room
4:26pm POLARITY Skeptic Action Potential
4:19pm Alexisonfire Midnight Regulations Death Letter EP
4:14pm Siren Phase The Sea Wench Grind Obey
4:11pm Mounties Headphones Thrash Rock Legacy
4:06pm The Sheepdogs I'm Gonna Be Myself
3:57pm Current Swell Plain To See Trust Us Now
3:53pm Avril Lavigne Complicated Let Go
3:50pm Tokyo Police Club Favourite Colour Champ
3:43pm Rush Fly By Night Fly By Night
3:40pm Simple Plan Welcome To My Life Still Not Getting Any
3:38pm Tokyo Police Club Nature Of The Experiment A Lesson On Crime
3:35pm The Ooh Baby Gimme Mores Pill
3:26pm Xprime All To Myself PM
3:22pm Big Sugar Dear Mr. Fantasy
3:16pm Billy Talent Fallen Leaves Billy Talent II
3:13pm VINYL HERO Playing God Seven days on a train
3:09pm MENAGE A Beautiful Disaster EP2
3:05pm The Commoners Walkin South No Stranger
2:54pm Andi Caffeine ft.JonoJosh Sketches
2:50pm Small Sins Why Don't You Believe Me? Pot Calls Kettle Black
2:42pm Eleven Past One True
2:38pm Alx Veliz Dancing Kizomba
2:26pm ORAHE Contagious
2:22pm Lights Drive My Soul Lights
2:15pm Drake Headlines Take Care
2:10pm Tamia So Into You Tamia
1:59pm The Weeknd The Hills
1:56pm DANI Love U More
1:52pm Curses Until My Heart Stops
1:44pm Julian Taylor Band Just A Little Bit Desert Star
1:41pm Darcy's Miracle
1:37pm The Weeknd Earned It
1:26pm Mannequins Breathe Shine Kaleidoscopes Into Infinity
1:22pm Jacksoul These Eyes My Soul
1:15pm Royal Canoe Walk Out On The Water Something Got Lost Between Her
1:11pm Repartee Die B4 U
1:06pm Streets of Laredo Silly Bones Wild
11:56am Aaron Little With You It's About Time
11:52am Whitehorse Devil's Got A Gun The Fate of the World Depends
11:45am The Tragically Hip At The Hundredth Meridian Fullly Completely
11:41am Courage My Love Kerosene
11:35am Barlow Clarice
11:25am Ruth B Lost Boy
11:21am David Myles How-d I Ever Think I Loved You In The Nighttime
11:14am Lily Frost and her Kelvinators Witch Doctor
11:10am Hannah Georgas Evelyn
11:06am Sam Roberts Band Dead End We Were Born In A Flame
10:56am Drake Started from the Bottom
10:53am Michelle Treacy Armageddon
10:50am Julian Taylor Band Heatwave Tech Noir
10:43am Sarah Mark Turn Up
10:39am Mother Mother Baby Don't Dance
10:35am Repartee All Lit Up
10:26am Theo Stay
10:21am Sam Roberts Band Detroit '67 Love At The End Of The World
10:14am Modern Space It's Only A Dream
10:07am Tokyo Police Club Nature Of The Experiment A Lesson On Crime
9:57am Dallas Green The Sleeping Sickness Bring Me Your Love
9:54am Young Dogs Never Lay A Finger On Me Young Dogs
9:50am K.D. Lang Big-Boned Gal [Remix] Alberta
9:45am Tegan and Sara Northshore Sainthood
9:41am Government Town This War
9:38am Scott Mackay Magician
9:21am Seam If We Were Sketches
9:13am Brett Kissel Started With A Song
9:08am Streets of Laredo Hammer and the Nail Wild
7:57am Sebastian Owl Only For Tonight Captain Tomorrow &TheDreamOrpans
7:52am Jeff Healey Band I'm Torn Down Mess Of Blues
7:47am Steve Page Surprise Surprise
7:43am Twilight Hotel Viva La Vinyl Highway Prayer
7:40am Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs That Was The Summer
7:37am Haymaker Here In My Arms feat. Zack Werne Wrong Place, Right Time
7:33am Julian Taylor Band Be Good To Your Woman
7:30am Nick Faye & The Deputies Wild Bones
7:25am Rankin Family Our Time Is Tonight Reunion
7:22am Brett Kissel Cool With That
7:18am The Road Hammers East Bound and Down The Road Hammers
7:15am Skyamore Houseboat
7:15am Pigeon Park Break Me
7:07am Reenie Baby Gonna Say Hollywood
7:03am Paul Brandt Home This Time Around
6:54am Taylor Cook The Replacements The Cook Book
6:54am John Kong & Moonstarr Future Vision (single)
6:41am Humber Jazz Workshop Hotel Le Not Humber College Vol 9
6:38am Bryon Tosoff With You Holding To The Dream
6:32am Humber's Blue Jackets Required Soul With A Capital S Standards Volume 10
6:28am Tara Kannangara Fractured Some Version Of The Truth
6:24am Trevor Giancola Trio La Berthe Funda-Mental
6:21am Kristy Bye Bye Blackbird My Romance
6:21am Pat LaBarbera Ensemble The Setting Sun New Standards Vol. 4
6:09am Phill Albert In The Big World In The Big World
6:03am Keith Price Zoom Zoom(part two) Breakfast for Champions
5:54am Jill Townsend Big Band Amet Island Tales From The Sea
5:48am Emilie-Claire Barlow The Very Thought Of You The Very Thought Of You
5:40am Jennifer Scott Trio All of You Something To Live By
5:34am Sherie Marshall I Put a Spell On You The Sweetest Sounds
5:26am Shirantha Beddage Pyramid Scheme Identity
5:26am IL Divo Over The Rainbow
5:12am Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble Kukonpesa Prologue
5:07am Cameron Wallis Young At Heart
4:59am Lara Solnicki I Wished On The Moon A Meadow in December
4:56am Jeff Healey Band Keep Smiling At Rouble Adventures In Jazzland
4:53am Wild T & The Spirit Let's Go Fender Bender
4:49am Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble358 Whats New Everything Must Change
4:47am Hand Polished Another Spring (single)
4:37am Humber Vocal Jazz Combo Fascinating Rhythm Standards Volume 10
4:33am Humber Latin Jazz Ensemble Till Then Standards Vol. 10
4:29am J.V. Dixon Mellow Peace Of Mind
4:24am Snaggle Nonuhno The Long Slog
4:18am Lauren Bush I'm Old Fashioned All My Treasures
4:09am Humber World Jazz Lab Four Day Runner Standards Vol. 10
4:05am Humber Jazz Ensemble1012 The Glide The Elders Are Listening
3:58am William Carn Quintet Out Of Necessity Lessons Learned
3:55am Michael Buble Stardust Dream
3:51am The Heavyweights Brass Band Why Can't We Be Friends Don't Bring Me Down
3:46am Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble West Side Story Prologue
3:41am Ben D Cunha Just One of Those Things New Standards Vol. 2
3:32am Jennifer Scott Trio Blue Bossa Something To Live By
3:28am Emilie-Clare Barlow So Danco Samba Like A Lover
3:28am Phill Albert Merry Go Round In The Big World
3:15am Joel Miller Corey Heart
3:13am Bryon Tosoff Shine Like A Star Holding To The Dream
3:08am Cameron Wallis Fried Bananas
3:02am Hand Polished So Sudden (single)
2:56am Avi Granite's Verse Wayne Winks at the Radio Snow Umbrellas
2:48am Shirantha Beddage Against Time Identity
2:44am KellyLee Evans I Don't Want You To Love Me Fight or Flight
2:42am Turbo Street Funk Momentum
2:35am Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble Do Nothin' Til You Hear From Me Prologue
2:26am Humber Jazz Ensemble1016 The End of A Love Affair The Elders Are Listening
2:22am Sandy Foster Play A Song For You Marooned
2:14am Humber's Blue Jackets Required Page One Humber College Vol 7
2:09am Hugh Fraser Brook Green Bonehenge
2:05am Phill Albert Homestead In The Big World
1:58am Joel Miller Swing La Bas Caisse Mandala
1:54am Chantel Chamberland La Mer Jazz From Around the World
1:49am John Macmurchy Phalanx Art of breath: Volume One
1:38am Shirantha Beddage Winds Of Change Identity
1:32am Suzana Da Camara Cha Cha Cha Animism
1:26am Pat LaBarbera Ensemble Huh New Standards Vol. 3
1:18am Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble Nature Boy Prologue
1:07am Avi Granite 5 Budat Avi Granite 5
1:03am Olga Osipova Seven Days Velvet & Lace
12:58am Phill Albert Hope That I Don't Fall In Love In The Big World
12:52am Jennifer Scott Trio Beautiful Love Something To Live By
12:47am Jeff Healey Band Someday Sweetheart Adventures In Jazzland
12:38am Herskowitz Rozenblatt Project Four Women Forget Me Not
12:34am Barry Graham This Can't Be Love Montreal Sings 1953 - 1968
12:28am Milligan-Eagles Project For the Love of Trains Milligan-Eagles Project
12:25am Bryon Tosoff Darkness To Light Holding To The Dream
12:19am Barry Romberg Intro Random Access
12:19am Emilie-Clare Barlow Someone To Watch Over Me Like A Lover
12:11am Humber Latin Big Band Dance Mania Standards Vol. 10
12:08am June Garber It Don't Mean A Thing Smile
12:03am Roger Chung Mr. Upright Send A Little Love
11:57pm Catherine Taddo Let Me Be This Way
11:53pm Sherie Marshall Lonely Woman The Sweetest Sounds
11:48pm Jeri Brown & Al Sutherland Duo Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Sempre Nina
11:45pm Diana Krall Why Should I Care When I Look In Your Eyes
11:38pm Holly Cole God Only Knows Shade
11:32pm Humber Trombone Ensemble Nica's Dream Humber College Vol 7
11:28pm Isaac Agyeman Need To Know I'm On My Way
11:23pm Shuffle Demons Stop The Rot Greatest Hits
11:19pm Niuver Quiereme Mucho Jazz From Around the World
11:13pm Brian Lillos Webb City For Sonny
11:09pm Cheryl Fisher THe Girl's Colors Joyride: Life in the Jazz Lane
11:02pm Jill Townsend Big Band Waltz Of The Jellyfish Tales From The Sea
9:55pm Madchild Little Things ft. Joseph Rose
9:51pm Keshia Chante Been Gone 2U
9:47pm Dusty Wallace ft JD Era Tru Nord Reality Cheque
9:47pm Drake Headlines Take Care
9:40pm Jenna Glatt Good Time
9:36pm SonReal Can I Get A Witness
9:33pm Classified Oh...Canada Self Explanatory
9:28pm Old Man Canyon Back to the Start
9:24pm Mystic and Miranda Fallin' (Heart is Callin') Inside the Helix
9:18pm Leoh Davis Ft Ramone Ride (Prod. Goldenboy x Nisi On
9:14pm Lorraine Klaasen Home Sweet Home Nouvelle Journee
9:09pm Relic Gas Money Gas Money
9:04pm K-OS Exit (Call Me) Exit
8:55pm Drake Hold On We're Going Home
8:51pm Alpha Omega Ghost Town
8:43pm Baby Blue Sound Crew Money Jane Baby Blue SoundCrew
8:40pm Tanya Tagaq ft Shad Centre
8:36pm Shad & Skratch Bastid Classic The Spring Up
8:25pm The Extremities Around the Corner
8:21pm Robbie G ft. Swollen Members Fun House