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Canadian Road Trips

The Canadian road trip is more than just going for a drive, it's almost a national pass­time. A road trip without music is just called driving really far. You need some quality tunes to compliment the open road and beautiful scenery this country has to offer. A true Canadian road trip means all Canadian music, commonly consisting of staples like The Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts, and Blue Rodeo. In addition to the classics there's so much homegrown talent out there to sift through, it's just a matter of discovery. A well curated playlist can make a perfect score for your grand adventure, whether you're on the way to the cottage or making the pilgrimage across the country. When you're out there seeing what there is to see, don't forget to listen as well! Here a few tracks to get you started:

Yukon Blonde – Iron Fist

Highs – Nomads

Mounties – Headphones

TOPS – Blind Faze

Scenic Route To Alaska – Mountains

Rah Rah – Good Winter

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Four Night Rider

Paper Lions – Sandcastles

Royal Tusk – Smoke Rings

The Dirty Nil – Wrestle Yu To Husker Du

Catch these artists and more live across Canada! Check out our list of Festivals for Summer 2015 here.

-Sam Canonico