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11 Netflix Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Over the past couple years Netflix has taken over the movie streaming market. Lately, many companies such as Rogers and Bell have come out with their own versions of what they’d consider “Netflix” but nothing will ever compare to the beloved gem that many people rely on to get their Movie/T.V. Show fix.

I know I’m not the only one when I admit to binge-watching ridiculous amounts T.V. Shows and Movies. In fact, in a statistic taken in 2013, 61% of Netflix users are actually in the same boat as me (and who knows, that number may have grown over the years!).

With the amount of love Netflix has received since dominating the digital market, there’s nothing wrong with a few hacks that can enhance your viewing experience! Here are 11 Netflix Hacks that can really come in handy.


Unsure of What to Watch?

1. Try Flix Roulette!

This website will do the movie browsing for you! All you need to do is choose a genre and rating. If you want an even more precise search, you can add a Director as well as an Actor’s name along with any keywords. The only negative about this website is that some suggestions that come up may only be available for American Netflix. Keep this in mind while you play around on the site!


2. The Netflix Enhancer

If you’re contemplating on a title to watch, Netflix Enhancer can save you a lot of time. It’s an extension that can be installed on Google Chrome which can give you access to IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes Ratings as well as Trailers all in the comfort of your very own Netflix library.  

3. The Netflix I.D. Bible

The Netflix I.D. Bible is the perfect tool to have in your toolkit. This is a great resource to have on hand if you’re looking for a specific genre. From Military Action Movies to Sports Dramas, you’ll be glad you discovered this hack. The “Bible” contains extension codes that you can add to this link: in order to bring up some awesome genres you may have never known existed.

Want to get Technical?

4. Get the Best Video Quality

If you want to get the best video quality on Netflix, it’s suggested that you stream your content earlier in the day. According to Digital Trends, they say the main factor that influenced video quality was the time of day the video is being watched at. If you decide to stream during peak hours (mainly at Primetime) your video is bound to have lower quality than if you were to stream earlier in the day. So STREAM EARLIER!

5. Watch In HD!

You may not have known that you have the option to watch your videos in HD. In order to get the most from your Netflix account, all you have to do is go under Your Account > Playback Settings > Click “High” Data Usage. Keep in mind that this setting will use more data so make sure to use this hack only when you’re using Wi-Fi!


6. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts save us a ton of time when using programs on our computers. Did you know that Netflix has its own set of keyboard shortcuts? If you didn’t know, here’s a list of some useful ones to use next time you decide to binge-watch.


F: full screen 
Shift + Left Arrow: rewind 
Shift + Right Arrow: fast-forward
M: mute
Up arrow: volume up
Down arrow: volume down
Enter and Space Bar: play/pause
Page Up: play
Page down: pause
ESC: exit full screen
They’re pretty straightforward commands but will save you time and effort!

7. Clear Your History

When you have multiple people on the same account, you may not want them knowing that you watched almost all seasons of “My Little Pony: Friendship Magic”. Knowing how to clear your browsing history is something to keep in mind just in case. All you have to do is go under Your Account > Viewing Activity, from there you can click the “X” on any titles you might not anyone else to see.

8. Adjust Subtitle Settings

If you watch your movies or shows with subtitles, you may be happy to know that you can adjust your subtitle settings. All you have to do is go into Your Account > Subtitle appearance. There, you’ll have the option to make subtitles bigger, smaller and change the colour.


9. Watch Titles With Others WITHOUT Being Together

You can now watch movies with someone even if they’re on the other side of the world. Rabbit is an awesome website that can let you stream video with up to 10 people. You no longer have to worry about physically being together in order to enjoy some great movies!

Having Trouble Finding Good Titles?

10. Access Titles the are Unavailable in Canada

It’s no secret. People have been saying for years that Canadian Netflix doesn’t compare to American Netflix. If you’re not pleased with any options in your Canadian Netflix library, Mediahint will unblock any video content that is unavailable to you. The website does offer a free-trial but afterwards you will have to pay a fee.


11. The Ultimate Reddit List

I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a Netflix Hack but it’s a movie hack that I’m extremely happy I discovered. Reddit has saved the day with a list of full movies that are uploaded to YouTube. Make sure to check it out. You’ll be happy you did.


Those were 11 Netflix Hacks that I hope you use next time you decide to kick back, relax, and watch some titles! If you have anymore hacks that weren’t listed here, we want to know so make sure to Tweet us @RadioHumber! Make sure to keep updated, as we will be posting more hacks for anything and everything in the near future!

-Asia S.