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Toronto Public Health is holding an event today where they're expected to promote a report on supervised injection services.

The safe-injection sites give illegal drug addicts a place to use safely, and avoid overdoses.

There are currently only two safe injection sites in Canada -- both in Vancouver -- but Ottawa and Montreal are also moving toward setting up their own.

Safe injection site advocate Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi says Toronto's drug landscape has a unique set of issues.

"Toronto is distinct from other cities like Vancouver where drug use is concentrated in a single neighbourhood. That's not the case in Toronto. Services should be delivered to where people live and are using drugs," he said. 

The sites would provide clean equipment and staff supervision.

The previous Harper Conservative government opposed safe injection sites.

But there's a clear shift with the Trudeau Liberals who has supported the implementation of these sites.

Dr. Bayoumi says that he's encouraged by the support of the new government and that we should expect to see the benefits of such sites immediately.

Story by Nicole Williams