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The family has confirmed that the 46-year-old succumbed to canced today 18 months after doctors discovered a softball-sized malignant tumour in his abdomen/

 The diagnosis in September 2014 came less than a year after Ford confessed to smoking crack while in one of his ``drunken stupors.''
 The illness forced him to withdraw from his bid for re-election as mayor and he ran instead for a seat on city council, winning in a landslide despite his notoriety.

Ford's time in office was known for its sordid descent into a political circus that quickly became an international story.

Fuelling the circus were drugs and alcohol, followed by denials, confessions and apologies. 

In November 2013, Ford apologized after a video emerged showing him in an inebriated profanity-laced tirade in which he threatens to kill someone.

The ford family released a statement following his death asking the public to join them in their grieving and prayers.

The family will not be addressing the media and are asking for privacy at this time