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Loblaw is reversing its decision to pull French's ketchup from its store shelves following a social media uproar.

Kevin Groh, the company's vice-president of corporate affairs and communication, says the supermarket chain will restock the condiment as soon as possible.

The company originally said it had stopped stocking French's regular ketchup due to low sales over the past year.

Its stores continued to sell French's two flavoured varieties, Buffalo ketchup and garlic ketchup.

The popularity of French's ketchup soared after a man's Facebook post promoting the company for supporting local farmers went viral.

Brian Fernandez posted a photo of a French's ketchup bottle in late February and said his family would no longer buy Heinz ketchup since it closed its Leamington, Ont., plant, a move that led to about 750 job losses.

Marketing expert Tony Chapman spoke to Humber Radio about the controversy.

"It's not about Ketchup. It's not about what brand your preference is. The big story here is that Canadians moved in both mass and social media beyond their immediate gratification and beyond taste."

French's ketchup uses 100 per cent Canadian-grown tomatoes, according to its website.

Loblaw says it hopes the enthusiasm shown for the product on social media will translate to in-store sales.