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A crew of three people worked on getting the fire shutter opened again after an alarm had them shut earlier this morning. 

Director of Public Safety at Humber Rob Kilfoyle talked about the closure and the importance of the fire shutter.

“[The fire shutter] closed down due to a fire alarm this morning in the LRC.  So they did their job but for some reason they’re having trouble getting them to reset” Kilfoyle

“The fire code requires that there be fire separation between two buildings and so because of the way the link was constructed- the link is actually a part of J Building and so the fire code required us to have some way to keep the building separate so that if there was ever a fire in the link the doors would close and would provide, you know, separation…” Kilfoyle said.

“It’s to keep the fire from spreading,” he continued.

The sign by the fire shutter warns students that it drops rapidly when the fire alarm sounds which students witnessed first hand.    

Despite the sign Kilfoyle says students have time to get out of the way when it closes. 

“It’s rapid but it’s a controlled movement so it’s not like it just releases and comes crashing down it’s on a motor but it’s done very, very quickly. I mean the idea is to separate the buildings in the event of a fire,” Kilfoyle said.

“If you were directly underneath it and weren’t paying attention, it could bonk you on the head that wouldn’t be something we’d like. That’s why there’s warning lights and you hear the alarms,” Kilfoyle said.

Posted by Ryan Durgy