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                                                                 Photo Curtesy Heather Cole

Pricerazzi is an app that will ensure you get the best price on your purchases.

Everyone has bought something only to find out that it has gone on sale or it is cheaper somewhere else. The Founder and CEO of Declan McDonald is no acceptation.


McDonald says he bought some appliances and found out that the microwave dropped 50-dollars.

He decided to do to some research instead of going back to the store. His product had a lifetime price protection, so he notified the store and filled out the paperwork. He ended up getting back around $585.


"So, it is pretty awesome, I started doing it for almost all of my purchases," says McDonald.


After going to Walmart with his receipt in hand and an ad on his phone to get back $60 on a patio set he realized this was a viable business plan. He built the software and launched the website. After a year Declan knew that it worked. He reached out to some friends, and investors and launched the app in October. The app is free to download on Apple or Android devices. 


You can listen to the interview at Radio Humber 96.9FM @Humber show aired on Nov 23. 

Posted by Tamara Shade