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                               Ethel Achampong & Shellyann Siddoo/Courtesy of Achampong


Paparartzy Gallery is an online space where upcoming artists can have their art featured and sold.


Ethel Achampong is a Humber College Business graduate says she realized that young artist got stuck in a "catch-22"

Courtesy of Achampong

Achampong says she was speaking to a friend who is an emerging artist was trying to find a gallery to host her work. However, nowhere would feature her art without her having experience or already being known.

Achampong decided she could set up an online website that would be friendly to arts newcomers. Not only would it help those who need to get there name out there but it would be great for people who are too intimidated to go to an art gallery.


                                      Courtesy of Achampong

Shellyann Siddoo is a featured artists on the site. At the age of 24 she lost her vision and the use of her hands during a work accident. 

Five years ago she started painting using her knuckles, thumb, mouth, and other devices to help her create landscape paintings.

visit for more information or listen to the interview on Radio Humber 96.9FM.


By Tamara Shade